RTL: Ranking for non-geared teams

Has anyone done a ranking of the final standings for non-geared teams?

Does anyone know how many teams that finished in the top 10 had a geared hub?

As far as I know, Lost Wheelers were the only team in the top 10 (coming in 7th) without a geared hub.

Only two riders in the top 10 of the Time Trial rode without a geared hub (Tue Johanson and myself)

Most teams had at least one geared hub, but mostly two.

We had one geared 29" Schlumpf on Team NZUNI, but probably used it for about 1/4 of RTL.

Only a 1/4? I don’t know, dude. I only saw Tony riding the coker once. Maybe I missed some of his cokering.

That time I saw was when you and Will stopped at the bottom of a fairly steep hill, held up the coker, and Tony (seamlessly, I may add) hopped of the guni, hopped on the coker, and pedalled to the top of the hill. At which point, you all did the reverse from coker to guni. I swear Tony’s body kept a constant forward speed during the whole process. It was beautiful.

I was trying to hang with Tony at the time, and, though I thought “heh heh, this is my chance!”, I didn’t seem to close the gap during the coker/guni/coker switcharoo.

I think he meant that the team used the schlumpf for 1/4 the race, which would be 25% of the total racing time, and if the days were divided about equally, it would mean that Tony used his 36 about 8% of the total NZ time.

I used my 36 once the entire race, and that was on the ridge of the last mountain on the first stage (parker mountain or something?) because my knee was killing me, but I think using the 36 just made it worse.

To answer Claude’s question though…

I do not know all of the ungeared teams, but if you only include the ungeared teams, I think that you all (team venture) finished 5th with Lost wheelers, UFO, Manly Legs, and Atlas ahead of you. Lost wheelers were the only team in the top 10 that was ungeared. Tue is a beast!

They were incredible. We were doing battle with them all week. I remember having one particularaly good run where I rode 10k averaging over 16mph. As soon as I starting thinking that I must be putting time into the Lost Wheelers, Tue comes out of nowhere and passes me!!

I am not sure but I think it was

  1. Lost Wheelers
  2. UFO
  3. ??? us maybe (manly legs)

Yellow line fever was ungeared until the last day when they decided to blow us out of the water.

What James said.

Tony spent most of RTL on my Schlumpf, particularly in the latter part of the race (Stage 4 and 5), which were particularly suited for the Schlumpf. But Will and I both rode fixies.

He rode quite a bit of Stage 1 and 2 on his Coker.

Tony did a pretty good job with the Coker to GUni transitions.

I would have loved to ride my Schlumpf during RTL, but Tony was having such a good run on it and I couldn’t be bothered switching seats (he runs a left handed Wallis Deathgrip).

Oh, I guess I didn’t see him much on the coker.

I heard someone mention a graph that had the total times for each team arranged by how many geared unis they had in their arsenal. Does anyone have that?

Our guesstimates are that the German team on their 36" Sclumpfs were going about 2% faster than us. They were taking out 1-2min on us every 1 1/2hrs. Chuck on his 36" Sclumpf was probably going 4-5% faster than us.

For us, Tony was probably slightly faster on the 29" Sclumpf on the flats and downhills, Will and I were faster on the mixed terrain, but our NZUNI riders were all roughly the same speedwise.

I don’t mean to take anything away from you guys because you’re definitely all rock stars, but I think Chuck deserves a bit more credit

If we assume that the time trial is representative of overall performance (which it may or may not be), Chuck was a shade over 6% faster than Tony and you (I just noticed you guys were within’ 2 seconds of each other!!!) and over 12% faster than Will.

Of course, all of you were faster than me on my Schlumpf 36, and I still finished in the top 15%.

It was probably me, thinking out load about the layout for the race report in issue 5 of Uni Magazine…

Ok, 6% then. That was a pretty flat course though.

I think the Schlumpfs have definitely lifted racing speeds. The results do reflect that.

Looks like I’ll have to get a 36" Schlumpf for the next WR attempt :wink: . The only thing is, you can’t compare geared and non-geared attempts.
I can only think of a very small handful of people that would be able to beat Patricks hour record (27.18km) on a fixed unicycle.

Chuck is a fantastic rider. He probably could break the Hour record on a fixed 36" too.

Forgot to ask, Mike, and those of you on 36" Sclumpfs…how much faster are you on that compared to the fixed 36"? Is it much faster than the 29" Sclumpf?

I’ve just dusted off the chequebook and emailed Florian to go on the waiting list :stuck_out_tongue:

Since I haven’t really done any head to head comparisons, I don’t really have any way of quantifying the difference in speed between my riding geared and ungeared.

It’s also hard for me to say that I know a 36er is faster than a 29er. Between the two of us, Tom was faster on his 29er, but overall he is a stronger rider than me anyway.

It makes sense that the 44-inch gear should be easier to push uphill and that the 56-inch gear should go faster downhill. It’s also evident that it’s easier to control a 44" gear on a steepish decline than the 56". A brake should eliminate that difference, but I have yet to find a brake solution that I’m comfortable using geared up. (I fit a caliper brake that seemed fine when 1:1, but super sketchy in high-gear)

One thing I like about my current setup is that with 127mm cranks, I have two useful gear ratios. A 29er with 127mm cranks isn’t often useful in 1:1, except for maybe in the dirt. Of course you could always drop down to 114mm cranks, which Tom was considering doing. He probably won’t now though since he’s going to convert his ride into a ride-to-the-trail and then ride-the-trail cycle.

If I could go back in time and make my decision again, I’d be very tempted to go the 29er route, especially when you factor in weight and portability.

Thanks Mike, that’s helpful. I did do a timed run a couple of years ago on my 29" Sclumpf around the WR course I used for the 24hr. It was about 5-6 secs faster per lap than my 36" Coker/110s, and about 4-5 secs faster per lap than my 36" Coker/102’s.

I haven’t used it since Laos though, so I guess it’s time to dust it off. Looks like it’s had a good testing period since the new design came out. It’s not a good idea to be one of the first people in the world to try new things :wink:

A couple more things on the geared 29er vs. geared 36er while I’m fleshing out my opinions on the two:

Probably the main reason I chose a 36er over a 29er is that it still feels more 36er-y. This is to say, it’s a more comfortable ride. It’s less nimble, but more forgiving.

Also, I feel that it’s easier to land on your feet when you UPD. Since you’re a little higher up, you have just a tiny bit of time more to get positioned to run out.

Believe me, I think about that often when I’m cruising downhill at well over 20mph. No matter how good these hubs are, they will fail at some point.

Ken, for my RTL qualifying ride with 89 mm cranks, I pulled a max of 47:55 on a set 19 km loop. This lap was amongst 10 others - my personal bottleneck was rpm’s though, and I doubt that I could have done it more than a minute faster. This was a 23.79 kph average. (I should verify the lap km-age - I think it’s actually 19.5ish km)

My first try on the Schlumpf for that lap was about 45 minutes. This was within the first 50 km of riding this Schlumpf/Hunter 36" build. I was clumsy with it when I did this ride, and didn’t then feel nearly as fast as I do now. Now I have 400+ km on it:) . I’ll try it again within a couple weeks though it sounds like you’ve made your decision. You’ll be fearsomely versatile!

That’s good to know Dan. You were super fast at RTL.

I think I would definitely be faster, but how much remains to be seen. I’m more of a spinner than a gear masher, so not sure if I have what it takes to push it as fast as some of you power animals out there (eg Chuck).