RTL Radio Interview on CBC

Hey, I had a radio interview on CBC two days ago about RTL. It aired on All in a Day on CBC radio one in Ottawa. You can listen to the interview here: http://cbc.ca/ottawa/media/audio/allinaday/20080625unicycle.ram

Absolutely fantastic spokespersonship! You were as smooth as butter - I applaud you!!

Very good job!!! Great interview!

Heheh, Yea, I think I was a smart person to nominate you for most of the hills…

Nice interview Eric. I was actually interviewed by my local TV station a couple days ago. I’ll post it when I get the DVD from them.

I heard that lol! My dad yells, “They’re talking about unicycles on the radio!” Lol, so I listened, good job!

Ha, that was an Epic Attempt to get on your Coker.( listened to it a couple days ago. )
Is there something im Missing here, How Do i listen to it?!?
Ohhh, and Eric. Check your Pm’s on Ambitious Lemon. Ciao CiaO!

Eric, thanks for posting! Awesome interview, you really did a fantastic job explaining everything. How far was that broadcasted?


I know that it covers Ottawa and surrounding area, but apparently someone heard it in Stratford, Ontario so it must have been in most of Ontario.

… Most of eastern Ontario. Maybe as far as the GTA. Ontario is really big.

Yep we get CBC radio 1. Beats out every other station, talk or music. Awesome interview Eric. I didn’t know you were Eroick. I am Levi from Tricycle.

Next time you are in TO, let me know. We should ride.