RTL Photo Stream

Here in Yarmouth more than ready for this race to start tomorrow morning. Today was fun, rather busy, with registrations, lobster dinners, pictures at scenic lookouts, another seafood feast, etc… Tough life. At the evening team meeting we heard more details about everything, really appreciate all the effort thats gone into organizing this. Can’t wait to get it started tomorrow morning.

I’ve posted the photos I have so far here.

If we keep having wifi at hotels, and I still have any energy left at the end of the day, I’ll post more as the race goes on. I’ll link a few below too.

Team Personal Rollarcoaster

demo team

cliffside photoshoot

Jamie from West Coast Cokers

cool…looking forward to more pics

Some fine pictures there. Thanks!

Looking good! I subscribed to the stream and I’ll be keen to see what else comes down the pipe!

Awesome to see all those big wheels in one place, I hope I get to see a sight like that one day! It must be amazing seeing them all in motion at once.

yeah it would be awesome to see all of those unicycles, i cant wait to see more pictures too!! hopefully i will be there in 2010 :smiley:

I’ve been lucky enough to host Team New Zealand as they were on their way to the race, I only managed to grab one photo of them as they got out of the Airport in Vancouver. It was a very cozy night with the four of us in my Studio apartment Friday night (the 13th no less :P). They headed off the next morning for another long flight to Nova Scotia.

Anyway, here is the one photo that I’ve got to add to the stream (Will at the back, Ken in the middle, and Tony up front):


Hi, Back home after an all-night drive I finally have a chance to upload the rest of my pictures. All of them are up here

I also saw Corbin is posting his here:

Any other RTL pictures piling up there in cyberspace?


ps, a few of my favorites below

from the Crit

From the Time Trial

some others

Just got home and ready for some sleep, but wanted to get a link out with some photos. Enjoy!

RTL was fantastic. I’m already looking forward to the next one.

Ride the Lobster Photos


There must be more!..

Cool! Great pictures, Roland! I’m hoping to post more soon…


Here are some of my photos (I took over 1000 pictures over the three days I was there). Here are some of the better ones …

Day 3 Criterium

Day 4

Day 5

I still need to go through them all and tag them.

I’ll post a link to some photos that Steph (Goonies support) took, once she gets them uploaded. Spencer also took a ton of photos during the race and I am sure he will have some of his best shots up.

Also, Geoff (team smile) was mentioning something about having a torrent set up for all of the pictures that everyone compiled on his laptop. There will be gigs and gigs of photos in that.

RTL Stage 1 start: photo eassy and 5:30 video

Here are some pictures from the Yarmouth start and a pretty great video.

This is the link: http://www.novanewsnow.com/article-223393-PHOTO-essay-Ride-the-Lobster-Unicycle-Race-begins-in-Yarmouth.html#photoshttp://www.novanewsnow.com/article-223393-PHOTO-ESSAY-Ride-the-Lobster-Unicycle-Race-begins-in-Yarmouth.html#photos

I especially like these. Thanks for posting these Carl.

Nathan Hoover, Kris Holm and then Richard? from the lost wheelers going over the bridge - hang in there for a classic comment at the end.

My pictures - mostly from the criterium, as I didn’t have much time to snap pictures while we were racing. A few random other pictures off my phone.


I’ve taken out most of the ones that totally suck. There are tons of basically the same picture with different riders that I left in in case anyone wanted a picture of themselves, some of those are not 100% sharp.

I did a quick pass labelling people who I know, but I have a terrible memory for faces, if you know team & name for any of the ? pictures feel free to leave a comment.



Was all that freestyle done on and ice rink?! That’s what it looked like to me… :astonished: !

photo 14 (red helmet fast guy) is Bryan Alexander of team 98 Detroit RTUC Busters

photo 17 is most likely Marcus Sternberg of team 98 Detroit RTUC Busters (it’s motion blurred so I’m not totally certain)

photo 22 is Jason Wieske of team 98 Detroit RTUC Busters

I was support for those guys and am hunting for photos of them, thanks for sharing these!

pic #16 is Perry Woodin from Team Balance.
pic #23 is Rachel Kalmar, from Yams
pic #28 is Marcus Sternberg, from Detroit again
pic #30, #35, #43, #56 is Arne Tilgen from Speeders
pic #33, #65 is Roland Kays, from Rollercoaster (woo-hoo!)
pic #34, #54 is Vince Lemay, from Rollercoaster (woo-hoo!)
pic #36 is Jan Logemann from Speeders
pic #51 is Dave from speedgoats
pic #74 is Morgan from speedgoats