RTL - Motorcycles for filming

There is a group of motorcyclists in Nova Scotia who know every inch of the route who want to be involved in the movie, so now we’ll probably have Glidecam Smoothshooters on the backs of motorcycles :slight_smile:

check out how beautiful the province is!!! (and what a glidecam can do with this footage!)


Excellent! That was my first view of NSian roadways - pretty impressive topography by my standards! Look forward to being there. Thanks Brian.

i just wish it was a longer clip.

looks a lot nicer than when i was there last, (diving for bodies and debris at Peggy’s Cove when Swissair Flight 800 crashed…calling my then future wife saying I might not make the wedding if all the debris isn’t cleared up!)

while that clip was short, picture 800 km’s of that stuff :smiley:

will the riders get a free copy of the RTL DVD?

those who win will

I’m almost drooling after seeing that clip. I really want to go to RTL… Wanna get a coker uni soon so I can train and possibly enter at the last second.