RTL: How I started unicycling, Ian Gallant on Team Venture

" My introduction to unicycling was over 10 years ago when my parent’s neighbour let me try out his 15 year old unicycle. After I few days of it being more difficult than I thought it would be, I gave it back and pretty much forgot about it. In early 2007 I saw a wide tired unicycle in local bike shop. Something clicked and I knew I had to buy it. I’m so glad I stuck with it this time. After a few exhilarating/ frustrating days practicing in my backyard, I finally managed to stay on and ride for a few feet. It became an obsession and all I could talk or think about ever since. I’ve started to help teach unicycling to kids at the Circus Circle program in Halifax. I mainly ride a 20 inch for whatever type of riding I do. But this race is giving me a chance to step up to a 36 inch wheel. I 'm definitely a newcomer to the long rides, but I’m extremely excited to meet other riders from around the world and to get my first experience in long distance riding."

The wobble, Day One leaving Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.

Team Venture —#09— was Ian Gallant, Nova Scotia; Claude Magnuson, MD; and Frank Brown, VA. Finishing 16th in the 35 team field, it was 5 hours, 51 minutes and 37 seconds behind the winners over eight hundred kilometers & 4 days of racing.

Gallant takes a tumble, Day 3 Time Trials
Ian Gallant TEAM VENTURE fall criterium