RTL full write-up, and then some

It was quite interesting how RTL was different, yet the same, for all involved. A couple hours into each day, after “the pack” began to dissolve, we’d each have our own mini-races with the team or two ahead of us, and the team or two behind us.

Even though the players differed, we had the same show: sharing transition points with nearby riders, getting to know their support person, meeting the locals, etc.

Great to meet you finally, Steve! I’ll be sure not to miss your next west coast visit… whenever that may be.

P.S. Is this a photoshop job? I don’t remember this sign…

The sign was there when we went past, just before we saw Steve storming up the hill.

Paul (Lost Wheelers)

Great write up!

YEah, it was like camp, where the nearby teams were your bunkmates. Good to finally meet you, too, maestro!

Not photoshop. I have no such skills.

Since I’ve raced several hill climb races, Whiteface (12.7 km with 1100m gain), and Equinox (8.4 km with 1000m gain - steep), the sign saying 240m gain in 7km wasn’t too intimidating.

The grade is like 3-4%. Many riders say they found it surprisingly easy after all the buildup.

Thanks so much Steve! This one is going on the hard-drive. These write-ups seem to do events and trips more justice than any video compilation or picture.

Steveyo, Great write-up. Good thing I’m a fast reader!

I really enjoyed meeting everyone and the whole race. I am blown away by the caliber of athelete at this thing. I thought we were pretty strong, but compared to you guys…

Levi, it was great to meetcha!

Wow! On your hard drive? Woohoo!

I warned you it was a wordy write-up! Great to meet the guy whose handlebar I copied!

The hang was most excellent.

Ken Looi, yeah, he pedals fast.

Glad you liked it Ken. Yessir, RTL was definitely the most awesome event in which I’ve participated.

will there be a RTL next year as well?

It’s very unlikely to happen next year - I don’t think an event like that could be organized in just a year. There is a bit of talk about 2010 though. That would work out since there’s no Unicon that summer.


sweet. I’ll start preparing now

Vicarious RTL thrills for the stay-at-homes

Hey Steve,
Having missed the race in person…someone had to stay home at RTL World Media Centre and answer phones and e-mail, you put the meat on the bones of the event I followed on Chartmyworld GPS and through blog posts and media coverage.
Lovely pictures and a writing style, I think, which just didn’t spontaneously appear.

Thoughtful work, and it shows. We are all in your debt for this heartfelt memoir of a memorable week.

Best regards, and happy Canada Day!

Great write-up. It was nice to read about what was going on in the front of the pack. It got pretty lonely down in the 20’s, but there were times where we had a nice leapfrogging competition with the Korean Dream Team. Those intense competetive moments were the most fun and the friendship and respect that came out of them was great.

Steve, great write up, as usual. Great to have you on my team to get things recorded so well. Here is my cliff notes version:

Day 0: This lobster is great, but can we get this thing started already!

Day 1: I can’t believe I am riding in first place…er, there goes Ken Looi, I mean second place…woops, there go the speeders, I mean third place…who are these guys…Texacalifragilistic? Oh well, I still can’t believe we are in 4th place.

Day 2: I can’t believe we are in the front again, this might actually be for real. Pesky Texacali passes us again later in the day. Darn them! Rains a lot, but at least its not too cold or windy.

Day 3. Time Trials are fun, only ~1hr of riding. Crits are even more fun, but I want a do-over :wink:

Day 4. The ups and downs feel like a personal roller coaster! We love it and keep ahead of Texacali. Lots of great dueling in the middle of the race. Team Smile loves the course even more, wins the day, and beats us by so much we don’t even see them towards the end.

Day 5. We start the day about 30 seconds behind Texacali in a fight for overall 3rd place. We push hard but can not stay with them. We stay ahead of Smile and are thrilled to finish 4th. The sun comes out for the last great downhill, and we even get a tailwind to push us home. Splendid wrapup to a fantastic week. Ice cream and beer follow as just rewards.

Thanks for that William!

And thanks very much for that, too. I write mostly for my dad, who devours every word of that stuff, and for myself, to remember the event.

You said it, Kyle.

I want a do-over, too, but the crits were still fun and exciting. Great cliff notes. I don’t why I wrote 7000+ words, when you summed it up so well.

Nice (but long and worth it) write-up! Enjoyed reading someone else’s perspective on it and all the pics. Nice meeting you and I’m sure we’ll meet again sooner or later. Let me know if you are ever in the LA/OC area.


Great write-up Steve. Not that I’ve forgotten anything about RTL, but it certainly brought it all back to me. Nicely written. The beauty of your article is that it could have been written for any of the teams, as we all went through the same things out there.

I’ve passed your article on to family and friends to read as a more detailed explanation as to what went on in Nova Scotia. They’ve all enjoyed reading it, so thanks for all efforts in writing it.

It was a pleasure to meet you Steve. Sorry you weren’t the oldest rider in the top seven teams :stuck_out_tongue: .

Take it easy,

Thanks, Steve!

I agree.

The pleasure was mine, and my small consolation: I was the oldest in the top six teams! :smiley:

Funny boy. Good one Steve.