RTL full write-up, and then some

This write-up dwarfs any of mine from the past, because this event was so epic. Please don’t worry if you don’t want to read it. You can go here: Ride The Lobster - The Race - Rankings for the rankings to cut through all my storytelling. I promise I won’t take any offense.

For those of you with reading specs on, too much time to kill, here’s the whole enchilada:

Steve Relles

Peace, love and one spoked wheel!

Heh heh, Steve you crazy mountain goat!

Nice write up. You guys were awesome!

Great write up! It’s bringing back memories… It’s amazing how much I forgot about those first days. I think you really captured the whole event for those who weren’t their and gave the riders something to look back on. Thanks!

I do have one correction though, the picture captioned “Part way through the first heat” is actually part way through the second heat.

Hello Steve,
Congratulations to you and the other super men/women riders. RTL sounds like an incredible event! Nothing could be like being there, but thanks for the great write up with all the details from your experience.

Fantastic story, Steve; I read, and loved, every word of it.

One of my biggest regrets as an “RTL Dropout” was missing the chance to meet and ride with the many people I’ve met online through these fora. Sounds like the hang was as great as the race.

Of course, I did still get my own “Ken Looi” moment in Vietnam, although it went a bit differently than yours. I was on a long straight flat, riding as fast as I could go on my ungeared 36, when Ken blew by me on an UN-geared 29. I tried to stay with him, but it wasn’t to be. Yeah, those Ken Looi moments are quite special. :roll_eyes:

Thanks for taking the time for such a great documentary.


Steve, your write-up was very exciting to read. I almost felt like I was there beside you during the event. To capture so much detail about each stage you must have been taking notes as you rode. I can’t figure out how you managed to take notes, ride and still finish in fourth place. I wonder how you would have finished had you skipped the note-taking and had one of them spiffy unicycles with gears (only kidding.)

Great write-up and a great race. To think that at this time your team is the fourth fastest team in the world is mind-blowing.

Awesome!!! I really enjoyed reading every word of your write-up. I was taken back to Nova Scotia without having to leave Austin. I had a great time getting to know everyone at RTL, and I must say that if I had a favorite people list, it would most certainly include you. What a great week!!

~ Sondra (texacali support)

Thanks to all who took the time to read that novel. :wink:

Right back atcha, Sondra.

You’re right. Fixed.

Thanks, Ken. You’re some hybrid of mountain goat and energizer bunny. I tried to draft you, but I just couldn’t spin that fast!

Nope, but I did write down a list of ideas as soon as I got home.

Great write up, detailed and personal. It was fun racing with you; I can’t believe Roland just got his GUni just a couple weeks before the race!


It’s taken me till now to finish reading your article. (I’m slow at reading too :o )

Excellent writing! It was great to hear how things were going up the front. I loved the Popeye on spinach comment!
Actually I loved every part of it…

I think the photo of the Roland and Vince with the kids is priceless. It’s great how all the kids make a point of touching the uni for the photo.
Also, the next photo of you and Vince holding hands is very touching (or, was that a baton change?).

Perhaps you should write the RTL book?

I’m curious, do you plan on moving to a geared uni?

Hope to ride with you again soon…


Steve. Awesome writeup! Now I understand why I haven’t seen you around for the past week :wink:

Great write-up Steve. You picked some really nice photos to go with it too. I really enjoyed reading it (and racing with you of course).


Wow. What a phenomenal write-up, Steve. Thanks for literally taking the rest of us there. The time and effort you put into crafting that delightful bit of adventure journalism is greatly appreciated. I got to ride with our two local entries today, Bruce Dawson and Jeff Sloan, on a closed off section of Lake Washington Blvd. with a couple of loops around Seward Park all free of cars. We had an organized ride of eight unicyclists and a couple of bikers. We got to hear “Lobster tails” throughout a perfect ride on a sunny, warm day. I was pleased to know that, although I didn’t attend, part of the race was ridden on one of my unicycles. So I was there in a sense…or some more desirable part of me.

Most excellent. :slight_smile:

A long read

But very interesting. I like how you feature your screw ups as well as your hero parts.:slight_smile:

I nominate you as the boards official corespondent for the next RTL.:slight_smile:

What would be super cool at the next RTL, would be if some of the support people could post a video each day with some high lights and interviews. A few helmet cam shots would be cool. There was a lot of us following the action.

The pleasure was mine. Roland isn’t exactly human.

That is the RTL book. :wink: I do plan on getting a guni pretty soon. I’ve been riding Roland’s and I like it.

Yeah, I’ve had to write a bit at a time. I neglected my family and husbandly duties for 9 days at RTL, so sitting at the computer for hours on end was frowned upon.

Thanks, always fun to see you and Beau.

Thanks, Greg. How’s Joe Myers? (he broke his leg in Friday’s stage, IIRC)

Just keeping it real.

Ditto. Muchas gracias, Steveyo!

Steve man, totally cool!

I can’t wait for next time. And don’t forget to come out and visit us again on the west coast.



As always, you do an amazing job letting everyone feel as though they were part of the event.

What a job!!

I followed the race online every day. It was amazing, I couldn’t stay away. It hurt not being there. I couldn’t tell you how happy I am for you guy’s!!

I guess Roland wasn’t using the Radial he won at the IB premier!

Thanks, Kevin. Pleasure to ride with ya.

Hey, Dan, I never knew you were “genbirch”!

Thanks, bro, you can bet on it.

Thanks Adam.

No, but he brought a 36er which still had a few parts from the original Radial! :slight_smile:
Roland only used it once (maybe?) but a rider, Heather from Team HURT, ended up borrowing it for a while, and I used it a couple times (for its longer cranks on hills - it has 125s, mine were 114s).

I ended up liking the my Coker w/114s in all situations, and I prefer the Coker button-tread tire on crowned roads, over the radial 360 tire on Roland’s 36er.