RTL-extreme Temp. Question

Was just wondering what is actually considered extreme temperature. On the days I am planning on doing my qualifying it is supossed to be -5 and -3. IS that considered extreme?? Of coarse I will have to wait and see what the real temperature will be on the days-but I am just trying to figure out how to gauge it.

It is subjective, if it feels “extreme” to you then it is. There are no set temperatures since they affect people differently, so if -3C doesn’t feel like it really is making your riding difficult then doing put it down as a factor.

If you consider the temperature playing a heavy role in your performance then it is a factor.

I generally consider negative temps as being a factor simply because you need to bundle up, adds weight and also you have more restrictive clothing on, as a minimum. This usually means that I’ll put in at least half the distance (if it’s not too bad on the day) for low temperatures.

what siafirede said is true though. The subjective measurements are just that, subjective. For myself I tend to add those as I notice factors making my ride significantly more difficult.

I think 55 is extreme, but Nathan wouldn’t go for it :slight_smile:


Personally I’d consider qualifying in Singapore extreme temperature, I’ve played hockey there at night and couldn’t handle the temperature/humidity. The amount of fluids I’d need would be too high.

However on my practice ride today the wind made the ride hard, as did the horizontal snow/hail which stung however the air temperature didn’t bother me (~2’C) and would not have been counted in the subjective rating. In the South East (UK) we don’t normally see snow.

I’ve heard second hand that they qualified anything extreme temperatures as anything 4 degrees celcius or under, but I’m sure anything around there would count. Talking with a guy on msn he said he asked the race guys the same question, they said it was anything around 70 (which works out to about 4 degrees celcius).

Good luck qualifying partner.