RTL apparel lets you meet random celebrities

My friend and I were in Dulles leaving for LAX and it turned out that Richard Simmons was on our flight. We managed to get a pic with him, and I was wearing my RTL hat.

When my friend pulled out his iphone to take the pic he said “that thing looks like an alien!”. He was of course wearing spandex shorts.

I also met Jim Gaffigan at some random bar in Richmond a week ago (only place open to eat after midnight). I was of course wearing my RTL shirt. It seems to me that RTL gear makes random celebrities gravitate to me.


I have nothing but respect for anyone pictured with Richard Simmons

That’s awesome! It seems to have an effect on your thumb as well.

That’s awesome! It seems to have an effect on your thumb as well.

Hey, I’ve seen examples of your PhotoShop work, and I don’t beleive those pictures for one moment!

I put it to you that the photo is actually of you hanging out and going on holiday with Gene Simmons, and that the RTL had and Art Gaufunkles brow were added after the event!

And as for the second one. Well, you point out some random guy, but forget to mention that Frank ‘Hell on Wheel’ ‘The Bullet’ ‘Fire Fairy’ Brown from Team Venture just happened to be casually hanging around in the background unaware that a photo was even being taken!

STM - off to check out Wikipedia to see who these people really are

Love the power thumb pose. I approve.
Jim Gaffigan is hilarious

Haha. I am going to have to try to take as many pictures as possible with random celebrities while wearing RTL gear and giving a thumbs up. Actually I don’t have to try, as long as I wear the RTL apparel then the celebrities flock to me.

I wonder what will happen if I wear both the hat AND the shirt. It sounds dangerous.

wow be a dear devil and try:p

richim simafigan?