RSU under investigation by international authorities!

Dateline April 1, 2003:

Rec.Sport.Unicycling, the discussion group for unicycle enthusiasts, is under investigation for suspected subversive activities.

Sources say something is just not right. Despite drawing from six of the seven continents and consisting of every conceivable political/social/religious orientation, they all seem to get along. Especially puzzling to the authorities is the lack of personal flame wars so prevalent on other lists.

International experts are still trying to crack their code but have made progress on key terms such as Gazzalodi and Fireball.

Especially frustrating to the investigation is agents have been learning to ride unicycles with the intent to infiltrate their ranks, but once they are riders they are quickly assimilated into the group. Brainwashing experts are baffled.

The authorities are requesting your assistance. Please post any suspected suspicious activities right here and you will be contacted shortly by their agents in black suits.

For other historical cycling news of this date see Sheldon Brown.

If their agents come on unis, tell them to bring their Camelbaks and we’ll go riding!

Otherwise, the only suspicious thing around here is a day that doesn’t involve unicycling.

A day that doesn’t involve unicycling may however be because of unicycling injuries. I am currently wondering who won the design contract for the human ankle, and the reasons why that particular design was chosen… it really isn’t very good, when you think about it.



Bummer, dude! props

ouchy, sprained ankle? Have you got a tubular bandage / tubigrip, they really help. Also I found going for a swim helped my ankle get better.