RSU Statistics for 2006 - not

Hi all,

you may have noticed that (contrary to my earlier habits) I’ve hardly posted here during the last half year or so. The technical reason for that is some persistent problem in how my news client and my news server(s) work together (I used to read and post via USEnet - which may mean nothing to you). But then I realised this situation freed up a lot of time so I haven’t researched that problem all too intensively.

Anyway, a consequence is that I cannot make a 2006 stats page due to lack of data. So unlike in previous years, you won’t be able to see who were the top posters last year, the top subjects, the growth in traffic etc…

…unless… I am in contact with someone who has shown some interest and may want to take over my role in this respect. Note the emphasis, and so don’t hold your breath, but the stats may re-emerge.

I continue to ride - and to read and post at a healthier rate than before.

Klaas Bil

That’s Cool!
I went back and re-read the '05 stuff.
I never knew that you (or anybody) collected annual data on rsu usage!
It’s a shame that you can’t keep doing it, it seems to be quite a tradition.

Edit- There’s probably be a few less rsu posts, with the new video forum around.

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I can just see the looks on all the kids faces who post bost like mad every year waiting for this… oh wait, that’s my reflection in the screen!





All the data needed for calculating the statistics is in the forum database. The data will be there for when someone wants to do the tabulating and calculating. It’s not as if the data was never collected for this year. The necessary data is also in a nice database so it will be organized and easy to get at. So whenever someone gets the gumption to do the tabulating the data will be there. No need to panic.

Exactly, in fact you could just do a little programming and some database queries to get a summary. If someone wants to take on that task, let me know.

Well, I know it doesn’t give exactly the same info as Klass Bill normally gives us, but why not have a look at this.

It actually gives a lot more info, and is nice and easy to navigate around and display what you are interested in.

The only real hiccup I can see is that it doesn’t show a list of the top posters for the whole year, just for days, weeks, months and quarters.


If Klaas Bil Doesn’t do it, it’s not worth it. If it ain’t Dutch, it ain’t much.

I want to see it, just 'cause it’s interesting, and it’s a tradition. But I don’t have a clue how to do it myself, so I guess that’s out if the question…

Nothing wiser has ever been said.

There is no reason why this couldn’t be done hourly/daily/weekly/monthly. But I don’t know the table layout, or what info everyone might be interested in.

The data is there, we just need figure out how to make it into useful info.

Netscan is cool. I’m not sure why it doesn’t let you get top posters by year, but it’s easy enough to look by quarter and get a sense of it. If someone was going to take on doing the data roll-up, this would be a good tool to use to get the raw numbers, plug 'em into a spreadsheet for building the tables.

I got a demo of this early on from one of the MSFT sociologists that helped create it. I’m not sure how to do it (yet), but if my memory serves there is a way to actually find out who the most effective Thread Killer is, i.e. who is the most frequent “last poster” in threads. Billy will like that. Microsoft uses this tool to help identify candidates for their Most Valuable Professional awards for people that provide help and advice in the online technical communities.

It also lets you get a sense for user behavior and profiles. For example, looking at Q4 data, you see that MuniAddict and Gordito8me are the top initiators of new threads, implying either lots to share, or lots of questions. On the other hand, Jerrick initiated only seven threads, but was the second highest responder, jumping in on 226 threads. JC initiated only one thread, but replied on 115. Profiles of askers versus answerers. It’s not a perfect indicator, of course, as Mornish responded to the most threads at 231, and had the most replies at 386.

PS: I just ran the full year again, and this time the Posters info came up. Here is a summary of the top 10 based on a quick 'n dirty analysis:

#1 Mornish 1933 posts
#2 trials_uni 1853 posts
#3 Jerrick 1315 posts
#4 forrestunifreak 1042 posts
#5 terrybigwheel 944 posts
#6 ntappin 838 posts
#7 iridemyuni 805 posts
#8 johnfoss 788 posts
#9 litldude2 731 posts
#9 Spencer.Hochberg 709 posts

Woohoo! Number 3! lol

Id like to thank MR, and all the new people and questions hat get asked so I can try to help them. =p

Netscan looks at RSU so MR doesn’t even count.

I was at places 3, 4, 5, 4, 6 respectively in the five years before 2006. I’m apparently out of the top-10 now, I’m trying to find the courage to look up (via Netscan) at what place I did end… :slight_smile:

Klaas Bil

Heh, I am on there twice. If you add up my 2 names I am #3. :astonished: thats crazy, I need to post less.

Don’t feel too bad Klaas, regardless of what place you end up. It’s just plain hard to keep up with the youth of the world. They have more time, more stamina, and–in some cases at least–less hesitation to post for the sake of posting, versus for adding info or value or furthering a conversation in some way.

Kind of like the inverse of that old story about the young bull and the old bull standing on top of the hill. The old bull says “Hey, let’s walk down to the bottom of the hill and Reply to one of those threads.” The young bull looks over with scorn and says “Nah, let’s run down there and Reply to 'em all.”

Wow, I was not expecting any of that… Well, I kinda wondered about Mornish, but it still suprised me. Trials Uni and Jerrick doesn’t make much sense either. Hmmm weird.