RSU Helpfulness And Quality Of Advice Award (was Re: Rolling hop advice)


You are my number one candidate for being awarded the ‘RSU Helpfulness
And Quality Of Advice Award’, if only there were such a thing. Most
all of your posts are admirably knowledgeable, informative and
to-the-point, while covering a wide range of subjects from unicycle
maintenance to video editing.

I’ve thought this many times so maybe I should just say it for once.

Klaas Bil

On Sat, 20 Mar 2004 04:22:20 -0600, “john_childs” wrote (excerpts):

>See the
>thread: ‘Dan Heaton’s Amazing Jump Analyzed (pic)’
>The links in the thread are no longer valid so I have copied the video
>and graphic to my ‘Miscellaneous Stuff gallery’
> I edited the video to clean up
>the interlacing and shorten the length.
>Open the video in a program like ‘VirtualDub’
>( to step through the video frame by frame.

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

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I second that, thanks John!


I third that. I want to make a tee shirt saying “I’m a disciple of JC”.

Q: What would John’s motto be if he were a Marine?

A: Anti-Carpe Diem

Fourth That.

LOL. That caption needs to go with a JC caricature on uni with Guinness in hand.

I’d “Fifth” that but I think JC is more into malted beverages rather than hard booze.

I’m still laughing.

I’m also pretty good at stealing other people’s content. But Rhysling’s not online here any more so I don’t think he’s going to complain.

I’ll be accepting appreciation pints at the Moab Brewery on Sunday the 28th. :slight_smile:

i sixth that. (is that what we’re up to?)


Definately! I think he’s the Godfather of this forum! My Onza hub is 100% thanks to his advice and I’m super grateful for the effort he put in to putting that Dan Heaton clip up, and loads of other threads.

Both John Childs and a select few like Harper seem to be the resident fountains of unicycling knowledge! You included U-Turn!

Three cheers for them all!

From the Unicycling Self Esteem thread it seems as if JC can use a little boost. So I thought I’d let this award materialise - resurrecting this thread after a long time. John, PM me if you want the Word file (higher res).

Klaas Bil

Here here. Well deserved…

Thanks! I feel all better now!

My replies in the self-esteem thread were all tongue-in-cheek after my reply in this thread. :wink: Just me having a little fun looking to see how far it would go. :smiley:

My self-esteem is fully intact.

i still think he’s a computer but nonetheless i will support this :stuck_out_tongue:

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On a unicycle?

Yes of course. It’s just that I would feel silly for posting tongue-in-cheek smileys when it’s too obvious.

The award comes out somewhat dull on the forum. The original is brighter. I will send you the file tonight so you can frame it and put it up somewhere in your home.

:wink: <= There’s one!

Klaas Bil

Wheel walk on water.

It’s all in good fun. :slight_smile:
I’ve updated my sig to remove the flattery solicitation. The campaign has run it’s course.