RSU auction page (killer stuff for sale)

ive posted a bunch of awesome stuff ive been hording for awile. its in the Auction page of RSU

happy bidding…

PM me with any questions or email me jagurs(at)gmail(dot)com

it’s good to see someone making use of the auctions section of the site instead of the “for sale/ wanted, post here” thread.


I got to admit, I was totally ignert of the auction section. It’s a fine thing, innit?

yeah.ive used the auction site before and the problem is, nobody ever bids? the only time i ever sell anything is through the “for sale” style thread but im trying the auction thing one more time… if nobody bids or somthing doesnt sell in there i’ll be using “for sale” thread style again.

There’s a bid for ya

cool thanx…Gilby has fixed the bidding issue too. thanks for letting me know about that. (it was only allowing one bit per acct.)

reserves are stupid! here is what they are…

the wheel reserve is $70

the CF bumper is $30

the Miyata Rail adapter with brake mount is $50

the other 2 items dont have reserves.

everything is doing well, except the Miyata rail addpt. with the brake tube…thats a 50 reserve.

good luck.

i have added another item, a Torker DX splind hub. it came off a 20" so it has 127mm cranks…here a shot for somone with a 24" to get a set of shorter cranks for it or whatever.

starts at $47

3 day auction.

Re: RSU auction page (killer stuff for sale)

Jagur-- The Miyata seat rail adapter interests me. It’d work well my
Coker, I think. I see that fifty dollars is your reserve. What’s the
postage cost for shipping to North Dakota, 58203? Or would postage be
included with the purchase price? Thanks! --carl

Re: Re: RSU auction page (killer stuff for sale)

probobly about 5 or 6 bucks. buyers pays shipping.


the delete post, doesnt work for me

I’m interested in the Torker hub to build a trials uni, and I am wondering if you would know if there is a 48 hole rim available and where I would get one. I had a profile trials uni that I sold last year which I liked except for the 145mm cranks were a bit to long. Thanks, Dan.

i know theres a couple out there. i dont know if its made by Alex Rims or what but there are 48 hole trials rims out there. i think you could lace a 36 hole rim to a 48 hub without to much trouble.

I found a picture of a 48 spoke hub with a 32 hole rim where they skiped every third hole on the hub between the spokes cross, I think this would work for me since I dont do big drops. I have found several 32 hole rims the Try-All and Alex. I know that there are 48 hole trials rims because it’s what the Qua-ax comes with but I haven’t found any for sale. I think if I use good spokes and keep them well tensioned that there probably isn’t much difference in wheel strength or stiffness with a 32 spoke wheel.

sounds good to me (bid now :wink: ) i would also lace the wheel 4 cross for max strength.


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