Rrrgh. . . order Velo seat now?

I was all excited to order Roach pads and a Velo seat, when I saw that the seats were SOLD OUT. Hmmm. . . late Christmas prestent or what? By the way, does anyone have any info on wether or not the next shipment of seats will be stiffer or better in any way? Any info or proddings towards purchase at all would be nice. (as I recall, gauss, you seem to have been pretty influencial on Phil getting a muni. . .)

I’ve heard that the Velo seat will be getting a reinforcement plate in the future shipments of them.

However, in the mean time, you could order your Roach armour from Simon’s Bike Shop in Vancouver Canada. They are $99.99 Canadian for arms and legs. Check out the link for more details.

Great price -remember though: Roach’s are made to fit Knighthood from 500 years ago. Imagine if there were only 2 sizes of pants; that’s all there is, in Roachland. Awsome armour, sucky selection=custom order=$$$.



Would it be possible to order one of those seats now, And when the new shipment comes in, be one of the first to have one sent?

The Roach legs come in four standard sizes now: Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large. The XL size is recently new.

The XL size fits me well when I’m wearing my AXO Dually shoes. When wearing low tops I would prefer something just a tad longer, but the XL still will do in a pinch.

Not to mention, that a custom order from Roach’s is only Price + 15%. Here in Canada, we call that TAX.

Seriously though, that’s nothin’ for a custom order…when you can even get whatever colour you want as well

Just a word of warning about Roach custom orders these days, I have heard that they are taking a very long long time to get done and, in some cases, the order just doesn’t get done at all.

We were down at the Roach custom shop this past weekend. Things looked to be pretty much in shambles and the gal at the counter hadn’t really have a clue about what was what. I think it is sort of like the end of an era for Roach… maybe some new Phoenix will rise from the ashes… but for now I wouldn’t get too excited about placing a custom order with Roach unless you have a lot of time and mountains of patience.


In that case, nothing has changed at Roach. :slight_smile:
They have always taken a long time with custom orders and such. They aren’t always the easiest company to deal with, but they make good stuf.

Best bet is not to ask for anything custom unless you really need it to be custom.

Now that they’re making the XL size I don’t need a custom size, but it still would be nice to have something just a tad longer than the XL.

i use mediums,the lenth of the Roach larges were nice but the knee box was huge so i went with M.

i think it would be a good thing for Roach to make all sizes 2 inches longer (standard) to prevent down slip.

Save your money

Just tape some cardboard around your legs and you’ll be fine.

Re: Save your money

sorry it rains to much here.

[/b]I ordered Large from The Source. What arrived was marked M/L. Anybody else have ‘slashies’?[b]

This last point is really what it’s all about for me- armour sliding down to expose the knee. 2 more inches would be perfect… (hear that often? ;))


They’ve had mine for about 9 months now for warranty repair. A couple of months ago I sent an email and they replied that they couldn’t find them, but that there were some unmarked pairs (of legs) around. They had apparently thrown away my return address with the packaging. I sent them the info they requested. I haven’t heard from them since. So I’m moving on to 661 and others without a regret. I wonder if uni . com would give me a refund?

Talk about shooting your business in the foot! …and as we have already determined, Roach protection doesn’t go down that far.


I agree Chris but to be perfectly straight your snip was too big. It has only been about 2 months since I heard from them.

Re: Rrrgh. . . order Velo seat now?

On Wed, 4 Dec 2002 07:27:56 -0600, rhysling
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>2 more inches would be perfect… (hear that
>often? ;))

Try your luck in the Spam forum, Chris.

Klaas Bil

Coca-cola was originally green.


So, the XL size is new, but is it bigger? I’m just making sure since you ordered it. As chris mentioned, they used to have “slashies” on their size designations, like M/L and L/XL or something. So, I want to make sure that if they split out L/XL into L and XL, that the XL is actually bigger. After all, theoretically its possible that XL is the same as the old L/XL and that the L is some new size between the XL and the old M/L.

I’m just making sure from somebody who ordered it. I remember my leg was 19" or 20" around at the top (I think 19") and like 10" at the ankle, or something, and I just want to see what the deal is before I decide to order.

I still have a problem ordering a helmet that fits my head. The adult skating and biking helmets I’ve seen in all the local shops dont fit me. The helmet I use now is a super cheap one that fits me mainly because all the pads and plastic pieces inside came out. Heh.


I just checked my email logs and it has actually been two weeks since our last exchange. My apologies for any misunderstanding. I am still unclear, however, as to the status of the pads I sent to Roach for repair last spring.