Royalty free video music

Hello everyone. I’m relatively new to unicycling(less than one year now) but, I’ve been writing music for many years. I have a surplus of around 75+ finished songs done in mainly an industrial/metal, instrumental style. I also have around 50+(and always growing) songs that are in various stages of completion and, have the capability of writing custom songs also.

If anyone is interested in having music that they can use without having their videos pulled or, is just interested in having some kick ass industrial/metal music for their videos, just check out my myspace page for an example of my music.

I have TONS more songs, if you don’t particularly like the ones there. I have songs that are much heavier (thrash/death metal), down to some lighter dnb/techno styled stuff in odd time signatures(5/4, 9/4, etc) plus, many more that are just like the ones there.

I’m in the process of putting albums together for all of it and, I’m also working with a vocalist for some of it, if instrumental music isn’t your cup of tea.

Just respond here if you’re interested and I’ll shoot you a pm with my email address in it. I just ask that you clear it with me before you use it. I can’t forsee why I would say no but, I would prefer to be asked first.


Sounds like a great idea :slight_smile:
I can’t see any of your music though, because myspace is blocked at work. Do you have it anywhere else?
I might think about using a track or two for one of our videos.


Nope, myspace is it for now. If you pm me your email address, I’ll send you a couple though.


Are any of your songs about unicycling?!

If so, I’d love it if you could send me them to put on my website song page!!!



could you make me some music, sort of the same stuff as “good day” by nappy roots?
email me anything that you come up with please :slight_smile:

man! that is freakin’ awesome!!!

is there anyway i can download it to my computer?

I usually download roualty free music for video from here -