Royal Riders 1st Movie


If any body has not checked out the royal riders awesome videos you are out of it. All the parts are well done the intro is so funny.

If you are wondering why my name is uni_yetti it is because i am the yetti and i am in the Royal Riders check robbys part (thats me) i have only been riding for a month.

my new part will be on the sight shortly with all my ne footage and a way better song.

chekc my part and the other RR at




BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA haha uni_yeti BAHAHA nobody likes you baha… teeeheee


Everyone else was saying it, so I knew I just had too. Ahhh, the power of peer pressure.
Anyway, you spelled Yeti wrong. It only has one T.

I don’t know why i’m getting involved but shouldn’t you guys leave him alone? He is after all a unicyclist and therefore better than any other citizen.

That’s what I was thinking. We are all being very rude. Well, I wasn’t, I was just being pressured. So they were being rude not only to Yetti-person-who-cannot-spell-Yeti, but also to me.

im gunna agree with Murde Mental on this

Hey, you’re right! he didn’t even spell his own name properly! Bwa!Ha!Ha!..stupid…

just kidding!:wink:

Hmmm; there’s something strangely familiar about that User Name…

GASP! Now, not only did he misspell Yeti, but he also copied MUNIYETI’s name!! He probably misspelled Yeti to confuse us, so we wouldn’t suspect him!


the first couple of ppl , we know robby, and he is a goof, so we were just playing around ( hes in the royal riders) cause he crashes lots.


Ya, I was just kidding around too. There’s this kid on my street and he always falls too. We play this game on our unis with my other friend where you try to body check each other off their uni. He always loses. It’s super fun though!!!

Alright, do maybe you were just kidding around…still, some of that stuff was pretty harsh!


(seriously, you brag about being SOoo good when nobody can prove it…not that I think your lying, but why would you have to rub it in on someone that just needs a bit more time?)

~I think you should all appologise (yes even you Potter, even thought you were being pressured .

Ok, I’m sorry:)

Oh, alright, I’m sorry Yetti Person. I meant none of it, really.

Oh, and by the way…Yetti is his last name…we are Sooooo stupid!

his last name is thomas… your Sooooooo stupid!

I just thought that Yetti being a real last name…

i think Murde Mental’s original point was quite clear and to add to it it is quite difficult to tell who is being serious and who is playing around. i am relatively new here but the one thing i have noticed about this forum compared to say an automotive forum is the lack of user bashing. i think that this is a very good thing because it allows everyone to say their opinion regardless of their age or skill. i realize that there are people who know eachother like the first couple in this thread but no one else knows that and personally before Murde Mental posted and you let us know that it was a joke my opinion of you was pretty low and im sure others mite say the same. my point is that you may be joking but the rest of us dont know that. it would be great if we all could just keep a friendly atmosphere and if you want to play a joke on someone at least try to let everyone know that its just a joke. like those little smilie things to the left:) :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :roll_eyes: (yes i know u put on in there unibrow)