Hi Im a unicyclist from wow. Another person and I (both level 5) would like to know some good pairs tricks for our skill level. Thanks!


Hey i’m not an expert, but I looked at what levels fivers can do and tried to be creative. How about if one of you’s rides backwards, and the other wheel walks in front, or behind, whichever?

Maybe you’d could do that in a circle.

Or maybe one could ride seat in front, the other in back, and you’s could hold each others seats…

Oh yeah, I was out at your guys’ meet this summer I guess it was, don’t know if you were there. I was one of the guys from Pa, tall, skinny, dark hair, glasses, fell first thing when I got there…I got second place in the 19-29 male obstical course, probably was only two of us there. Anways, if you were there who were you, I might remember : )


i was there, i have blonde hair and was the the only boy from the club wow.


I was at the fun meet in Ohio also. If I recall, we were talking about your wheel walking which you had just learned over the summer. I am working on my wheel walking this winter and hope to do as well as you were doing then by this summer. (Wow, that was a weird sentence!) I was the other guy from PA, the “older” guy with a beard, I was with my 7 year old daughter.

Take a look at these videos, you might get some ideas from them. They are from the winners of the pairs comp at UNICON XII. Even if some of the tricks are too difficult for you, you might get ideas for variations that use your existing skills.

Hopes this helps a little.


thanks! are you going to next years naucc in bowling green? We’re hosting! :slight_smile:

You bet! It will be my first NAUCC! Can’t wait.


see ya there :slight_smile:

Definately watch videos from other peoples routines. you will get a ton of ideas from watching them. look at things they have done and try to do a variation of something you saw someone else do.

I have one pairs routine here:

What they’re doing is about as hard as it gets, but you may get some ideas from it.

Also, aside from just doing tricks, you can work on doing synchronized riding. Zig-zagging at the same time can look really good, or synchronized spins. That’s harder, but really looks nice if the two of you can stay coordinated. The idea there is that you’re each spinning, but rotating at the same speed.

See you at NAUCC!