Round The World part1

I uploaded new video one week ago. There is no good skills and special. But I hope everyone to enjoy it.
And this movie is a little bit slow. I dont know why. I think I need some advice to upload or rendering.

Very cool. You weren’t kidding about around the world. I like all the reactions from onlookers.

by the way, nice work in “Unicycling is not a Crime” :slight_smile:

I already saw the vid on facebook, but I absolutely love it!!
good editing and riding and ofcourse: awesome surrounding :wink:
I really like see al those spots in 1 vid!! makes it even just for the surroundings nice to watch :smiley:

That was awesome. So many very cool places to visit. You must have had a really great time. Thanks for sharing.

You already know what I think Chao! :smiley: Awesome job man!

“There is no good skills and special”

I beg to differ on the above comment. You have great skills and thanks so much for sharing your trip with us.


It’s a damn good thing you postponed your around-the-world trip to brush up on your unicycle skills :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to see the final video! Your skills (both riding and video editing) have improved a shit-ton.