Round Crown Framez

I was wondering what are the advantages and disadvanatges to round crown frames? what are some good ones/different ruound corwn frames that could hold up to trials? i know Nimbus makes a cheaper model and impact makes a more expensive yet lighter model? any others?

The main advantage as far as I know is the round part is knee friendly, and this can be more important if you are short or use large wheels. The main disadvantage is lack of foot anchorage. You can still coast and glide and one foot on a round crown, but it doesn’t make it any easier. I haven’t seen many people use round crowns for stand up skills.

Since flat crowns are an option I’d go with flat, but round can be nice too.

I use to use a Nimbus rounded crown for trials, It held up great, lighter then the Nimbus trials well I found anyway…

Nimbus round crown are not really good enough to go with. As such everything is fine with it but the problem you are getting is at hub and cranks because they will bend soon.

mine didn’t bend at all. I had a nimbus ISIS 42mm bearing in a 40mm bearing holders and nothing broke. I was running a the hub with moments so it was strong as