Round crown frames are comming back to UDC

I put in a short word of encouragement to UDC asking them if they would be willing to carry the round crown frames again. Here is the answer I got.
Heres the email details

Good suggestion, Joel! Thanks for taking the time to sent it. We’re copying Amy (our commander-in-chief) to ask her to include 20-inch rounded-crown trials frames in her next order.

Merry Christmas!

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On Mon, Dec 1, 2008 at 11:34 PM, Joel wrote:

Hey just to give you guys a tip...
From what I have seen on the forums and trading post there is a high demand for the simple round crown Nimbus frame that was standard on unicycles like the circus.
Many people who do strictly trials riding prefer these frames over the Nimbus II trials frame because they dont like the large side nubs on frames like the Nimbus II because they hit their knees on it.
You currently do not carry the round crown frame and many people want it back.

Joel Crevier

So if everything happens like it should people who want the round crown frame can have it!

Great news! I would definatly buy one when I get the chance.

Same, I rarely use the straight crown on my KH. I’ll probably gradually build up a trials and flat uni, and a round crown would be great for trials.

I’d really like to be able to learn to glide. How much harder is it to learn on a round crown frame?

If you havent learned to glide yet then itll take just as long to learn than with any other kh or nimbus frame. but anyways i might just buy one when they get them in… they are stylin :sunglasses:

what? lol dont get a round crown jarom…

ill do what i want lol

Man I think they’re ugly haha
even though I have one :roll_eyes:

its just a stupid pointless trend lol. if they were made from aluminum or something light maybe i would invest in one.

I don’t know about you guys, but I rarley hit my knees on my frame. If that happens it’s because your legs aren’t following the unicycle.