Round 2 - Los Angeles Area Downhill Uni Race

Round 2 – Unicycle Downhill Madness

When – Saturday 17th April
Where – Dead Cow trail, Lindero Canyon
When 9.00am

After the 1st round tested the riders cross country abilities, this course will test the riders technical skills. Although shorter than the previous event, this trail is steeper, with multiple lines, and exciting places for passing.

We’ll meet at the trailhead at the top of King James Court.
Exit 101 at Lindero Canyon, head North for about 2 miles.
Pass over Kanan road, and continue on Lindero Canyon.
King James Court is about ½ mile further on the left.
The trailhead is at the end of this residential street.
Please be courteous when parking.

Don’t forget, the final event in the series is at the Idyllwild Spring Challenge.
Sunday May 2nd

Follow this link for video footage of Round 1

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I just signed up for the Idyllwild Super D race 5/2/10. Should be a great course, Hurkey Creek has been a mtb favorite for years and you can’t beat a 5 mile downhill for a muni race. Who else is signing up?

Awesome, whish I could make it!

I have to take my sister to the airport Sat. morning, but hopefully I can still make it. Will the DH course include suicide connector? That is really challenging! You can’t “bomb” most of it though due to the extreme technical sections which are jagged rocky, steep and loose! But it would be fun as hell trying! :sunglasses:

The course is planned to be just down Dead Cow. I don’t want to make it too difficult and prevent riders from participating.

However, I don’t see any reason why we couldn’t head back over to the connector after the race, and go play on the more technical stuff.

See you there.

My sister’s flight is 10:15am, and I plan to have her there 2 hours prior, as they suggest. By the time I leave LAX, it will be close to 8:45 or so, and then it would take close to an hour to get to the trail head. So it looks like I wouldn’t make it anywhere near your scheduled start time. Sorry about that. :frowning:

Start time is now 9:30am, so I’ll have enough time to get there. See ya all then!


Group shot before the race! This was round 2 held this morning (4/17/10) at “Dead Cow” trail in Oak Park. Very steep and technical most of the way down. I somehow finished first, about 10 minutes ahead of the next rider. I just went all out since there were two 29ers, and thought I would be overtaken at any time, so I bombed it the whole way…and my quads were WORKED!

Fun times. This was the fastest, most continuous dh I’ve ever done, especially on really techy terrain. Notice my extra protective gear in case of a nasty spill! I cleaned 95%, with two dismounts; one to lower saddle the other a upd. Round three at Idyllwild in two weeks! :smiley: