Round 1!

Yarr matie!

The fist challenge shall be:
Ride like a pirate . Points shall be given to the rider with the most authentic/outlandish pirate costume.

Suggestions for your pirate costume:
A peg leg
eye patches
belts with very large buckles
facial hair
parrots (live if possible - bonus points if it talks)
large hoop ear rings
rum (if of legal drinking age of course)

Bonus points for anyone riding off a plank, or swinging from a rope on the mast of a ship.

Submit your picture or video straight on this thread.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, look here:

Avast! Be’n this 'ere site related to “talk like a pirate day” (19 September)??

Great idea! Just finished re-reading “Captain Blood” and “The Sea Hawk”, and this “Ride Like a Pirate” suggestion came just at the right time. Will try and post a pic or two, belike!

Cap'n "One-wheel" Forbes


Alright you guys with the cameras. Let’s see it.

Funny you should pick pirates. I found this video in the galleries a few months ago and I watch it almost daily.


Come on guys and gals. I expected to see many submissions already. I’ll give you till Saturday (March 6, 2004) to submit you pics and vids for judging.


OK guys…
Another weekend comes. Be sure to put “Ride Like a Pirate” on your list of things to do.