Rough terrain Unicycling organisation

Hi. I finally get in touch with the guy I show in a picture from a MTB
magasine month ago. He was unicycling, there was a short interwiew, his
name, but no phone or adresse. I have called every people with the same
name in the montain area, and I find the right one.

    He have founded a club 4 years ago, and they are now more than 70
    peoples. Their aim is to made people know the Uni, with a big focus on
    the moutain Uni. They are attached with the French Cyclism Federation,
    and they promote Uni during sporting events. Moreover, they organised
    some training period, for beginners or advanced rider, they rent Unis
    for week end or weeks, and they do some group activities.

    Unfortunately, they don't have any e-mail adress for now and by postal
    mail, news move slowly. I told them about Eurocycle, but I don't know if
    they will came. They seems to be very interested by Uni activities in
    other countries.

    Their references:

    MTT Sensations (it means:"Rough terrain Uni feelings") 4 Boulevard Foch
    38000 GRENOBLE tel:

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