Rouge Website using unauthorized images

Hi all,

I did a Google search on “mountain unicycling” today, and one of the sites I
found was this one:

It was apparently set up for a class in Internet Communications. Interesting
stuff. Unfortunately student Adrian Gray neglected to ask permission to use my
background and photos. He may not have asked for yours either. Looks like Roger
Davies and the Atlantic Monthly are two of the other possible victims.

He includes an interesting page on which he has rated the various MUni Web sites
he researched from. I thought this was pretty interesting.

His email address is not included in any of the pages, but it is found in the
source code of his review page:

I believe this is the email address where the form info is supposed to go,
though it didn’t work when I tried it:

Stay on top,

John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone

“I’m one of those people who pray, ‘God, give me patience and do it now!’” –
Carol McLean, Twin Cities Unicycle Club