Rotating tires

I’ve noticed that my tire is wearing significantly on the side that touches the ground when I hop. UDC UK says to just rotate the tire 90 degrees on the rim (
Wouldn’t it make more sense to just rotate the cranks? This would not only even out wear on the tire, but on the hub, splines, spokes, and rim.

Yeah, thats what i do, I rotate my cranks once ina while, its good to taek em off now and then, it rotates the tire and your cranks and all the ohter good parts…I only rotate my tire alone when i get a flat…

Re: Rotating tires

If you can extract your cranks it certainly does. Note not everyone has self extracting cranks or the required crank tools so then the rotating tyre technique is then their only option.

It is certainly fairly easy to whip off the cranks and remount them if you have the right tools. Of course people with an extractor tend to be the type who swap cranks anyway so your suggested technique of remounting at 90 degrees tends to get a fair bit of use.

Great idea.
I have the same problem with the tire wearing out more due to tight turns I do. I thought of rotating the tires but since I am one of those people that DO have crank extracting tool, I will try this novel idea of rotating the cranks instead! :smiley:

Once again, I am reminded why I frequent this forum daily to get tips and ideas that myself would of never thought of! Thanks gang! :slight_smile:

I cant remove my cranks:(

Pity the rotating technique does not cater for gliding wear and tear. My 20" tire is worn on one side- and I switched it around but now it is harder to glide on and hard to wear down the other side.

I believe the KH/Onza 2005 owners “manual” says to rotate the cranks every 90 hours of riding or something… Whups, nope, just checked, every 30-40 rides (or more depending on sand/salt) remove cranks, regrease, and install 90 degrees to previous position…Hmm, I shall be due soon… But yeah, I have a balding spot on my tire from last summer… But it still worked all winter! :smiley:

If you’re rotating the cranks don’t miss the opportunity to ride after only one has been rotated, so the cranks are only 90 degress out of phase rather than 180, it’s great.