rotate tire, then cranks, then tire.

I just got this idea, reading about about rim durability in trials unis.

I think most of us deflate the tire, and twist it around the rim, to even out tire wear.

Now I’m thinking, after doing that once, the next time leave the tire alone, and rotate the cranks.

My logic here, is that it is more work to rotate the cranks, but crank rotation will have another effect besides changing the wear spot on the tire. Because most hopping and jumping is done with our feet in the same position, we are always landing on the same part of the rim, and pinching the same part of the tube.

Some I am guessing that crank rotation may prevent metal fatigue and rim breaks by moving the bash spot around. Perhaps even a pinch flat might be avoided as well.:slight_smile:

thats what i’ve been doing and works really good :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up. It also helps with the hub and the cranks. If the cranks are in the same place on the hub the wear is in the same place :slight_smile:

Crank Rotation.

I have only been doing crank rotations. Every couple of months I rotate my cranks 90 degrees forward. Rarely I will take off the tire and flip its direction. I did this once because In the beginning I used to turn to the left much more than to the right. I do crank rotations to both my MUni and Trials unicycles.


Yeah I’ve been doing that for years.

i’d be a bit careful about doing this on square taper unicycles - they seem to be much more reliable if you change the cranks as rarely as possible.

I would do that, but I cannot get my cranks off. I rotated my tire 180 because it was getting really worn, and now my tire is really worn there too, I dont know how it has worn so fast though. I’ll rotate it again soon though, untill it has no tread and is usless to me.

may I suggest

I frequently rotate my tyre but have only rotated my cranks about twice (because its more effort) I think I will now pay the price as there are a series of cracks around about a quater of the inside wall of my rim :frowning: Never mind, I have been wanting an excuse to delace my wheel and build it with blue spokes and rim. Does anyone know how/where I can get blue spokes for a 19" rim?

Crank Rotations Vs Tire Rotations

Obviously today not very many serious riders are going to have square taper cranks. If you do then I suggest only tire rotations. Avoid crank rotations. With ISIS cranks you can rotate them much easier than rotating a 24X3 tire!
I could not rotate a 24X3 deflated tire. It is also very hard taking them off the rim because the KH rim (This for most other trials and MUni rims too.) has very little valley to it. It is also a good idea to clean and grease the spline when doing the rotation.