rotary 100 bike tour (24 mile option)

Well on Friday night around midnight I decided that I was going to ride in a local bike event Saturday morning. It was a small event they have for the Burlington, NJ Rotary. They had a 100, 65, 50, and 24 mile route. Do to the fact I haven’t done much riding this year and I would not be able to get a look at the route before hand, I decided to do the 24 mile ride. When I signed up and asked if I could ride a unicycle in their event they jokingly said yes assuming I was kidding. To their surprise I really did have one and they didn’t seem to mind. There was a few pic of me taken but I’m not sure where I will be able to find them.

Trip report:

There was no official start, you just left as you were ready. I set out solo and got a lot of positive responses from the riders as they passed by. Most where surprised at how fast you can get a uni to go. I was cruising along feeling great at about 11.5 to 12.5 mph. There was a short bit where I lost the road marking but they reappeared. I think I missed a turn shaving about 1.5 miles off the ride.

About 2 miles from the rest stop, half way through the ride came my UPD. There was a low shoulder I was riding in that was ending. I looked around and there where no rides or cars coming from either direction. I figured I would give it a go and see if I could just ride up it, rather then dismount. Well I was going to fast and didn’t come at it at the right angle and down I went. Landed on the back of my left shoulder and elbow, also smashed my banana I had in my jersey. Picked my self up and cleaned off, no real harm done just a scraped elbow and sore shoulder. I may put a small med kit together to bring with me from now on.

I made it to the rest stop and was the only one there with the event staff. I started the short ride early and was luck they where even there. On the plus side being first means a well stocked rest stop. I stopped for about 10 mins to eat, drink, and chat. The rest made me realize that I should stop more then every 10 miles and it may make me less likely to UPD.

I set back off to finish up the ride. Being that it took less then an hour to cover the first half I assumed that it would only take a little longer to do the second. Could not have been any more wrong. As I made a right off the road I was on the tree line opened up and the wind was blowing now. As I was riding now into a strong head wing I could only manage about 8 mph. This went on for about 5 miles then the rolling hills started. I was whooped by this point taking breaks about every 3 miles or so and walking half of 2 hills. When I made it back to the start finish line I was very pleased. All in all it was a fun morning and I was home before 12:00.

well done! were you riding a 36er?

Yes I was riding my Coker Big One on my new Torker LX 125 cranks and love them(thanks Terry for the advice).

Hey Organic are you coming to the LBI Unithon?

I most likely won’t be able to make it. If anything changes I hope I can pay the day of the event.

Congratulation on finishing the ride. That’s quite an accomplishment.

Congratulations on finishing the ride. That’s quite an accomplishment.