ROPES - Alex - Eli - Aidan

Hey guys!

This is basically the third installment of Eli Brill and Aidan Teleki part 3, except that Alex Murr was able to join us this time and he also threw in some nice clips for you all! Check it out and we hope you like it! :slight_smile:

Very well put together. Fantastic riding! You make those tricks look so easy…but I know they are not: I can’t even do a simple unispin yet (and I have been trying for a long time…)

Thanks for the video, I really enjoyed watching it :slight_smile:

Love love love all of the orange bits and fall colors!!

Thank you very! Practice makes perfect :slight_smile:

Thanks, I also like them a lot :slight_smile:

Going down that hill at the end no-feet was intense. Great riding!