Rookie thank you and a saddle question

I just wanted to say thanks for all the great information that I have been getting from you folks over the past few months. I have been a lurker reading and learning as much as I can before posting myself.

I started learning to unicycle in mid-November 2014 when a friend offered to teach a few of us at work. It took me a while to learn but finally around Christmas I was riding fairly confidently and received a unicycle from my wife. She probably went a bit big with the QX 29" Muni, but what the heck I figured I would give it a go commuting to work here in London.

2.5 months later, I am loving riding both ways (mostly in the park to avoid traffic) to work about 2.5 miles each way. I was having some saddle soreness from the original Qu-ax and recently bought a new QX Eleven Saddle from UDC here in the UK. On the old saddle I found myself shifting side to side occasionally as it seemed too wide, the Eleven is somewhat more narrow.

The new saddle is far more slanted up in the front than the original and I was wondering if that is normal? I already tried shifting it on the mounts.

I have only ridden it a few times but not for very long yet and it seems better than the previous one, just a bit different with the nose being high.

Thanks for your help.


It may take some experimenting to determine the cause of your saddle soreness. I had to start wearing padded bike shorts after learning to ride distances greater than 1/4 mile. There may be a connection between your concerns about the seat being narrow, and with the saddle sores. Are the sores happening adjacent to where you’re trying to steer the seat? As you improve, your feet should start providing more turning adjustments, taking the pressure off your groin. For the time being, try something like “Chamois Butt-r” for your commute. Also, you can experiment with briefly standing on the pedals to relieve saddle soreness. You mentioned your new seat pointing more upwards. To he extent that this makes your butt slide back onto the fatter part of the seat, that could be helpful.

I noticed a difference going from a classic Muni saddle to an Impact Naomi:

  • the Muni saddle being thicker, “wider” & deeper are putting an even pressure in the groin area leading to numbness
  • the Impact Naomi saddle being thinner, narrower & more open (front to back) changes the pressure area: I no longer feel numb but it feels harder on long stretches (you get used to it) and you can feel some soreness on the adductors (maybe due to the different pressure points).


Speaking of bike shorts…

Any suggestions?

Pointing the nose up is absolutely fine on a saddle, and I’d recommend it for riding road/distance. Think about how you ride a road bike - you point your body forward, and yet the seat stays level, and so you end up at a similar angle on the seat to if you sat bolt-upright (as you sort of do on a uni) and pointed the saddle upwards.

Narrow/thin saddles aren’t for everyone, but I love them. I use an Impact Naomi on my 29er (and might consider that Eleven for my 36er, it looks awesome!). They give less rub on the inside of your thighs, and you don’t sink into them as much - imagine this, Your ‘sit-bones’ push into the soft padding, where does that padding expand? Yepp, on your squishy bits.

My only suggestion is to wear regular shorts on top of the bike shorts. I am not quite ready to be seen in public wearing bike shorts. Not all bike shorts are created equal. I own two pair, and one pair definitely has more padding and is more comfortable. There are some bike shorts which look like regular shorts, though you might run the risk of tearing them during mounting/dismounting. If you are wearing pants or shorts ‘over’ the bike shorts, be careful that the rise is not too great, as this part of the pants/shorts tends to get caught on the seat when performing certain maneuvers, particularly going from SIB/SIF to SI.

I have Polaris Gels and Descente. I like the Descente the best.

Endura Mesh Boxers under normal shorts or light pants.

They’re available in some bike shops.

Thanks for the tips.

Not really. The relationship between he legs and the saddle is the same on a bicycle or uni.

One can bend over on a uni much the same, as I have to when passing under low hanging vegetation.

Flattening KH saddles became a pursuit of many riders. They did it on KH saddle bases because the cover was removable.

Now there is the KH Fusion Zero