Rooftop Trials

Last weekend I headed down to Toronto to help my brother re-shingle his roof. On the way I stopped in at Darren’s to pick up my new trials uni. Of course I had to try riding while up there! For those that might get a kick out of it, I uploaded some pics and a video here:

It wasn’t all that difficult, the hardest part being getting over the mental aspect (doesn’t that always seem to be the case?). Of course whenever someone new came over to help out they were completely astounded that I would even consider such a thing. :slight_smile:


Nice photos!
At first I wondered if it was a PhotoShop job, but on downloading the video I realised you’d actually done it.

On top of an FN tandem van de Graaff accelerator


Nice ridin’ eh!!!
i see you saving the roof drop for universe II =)

Hey, I thought you weren’t supposed to operate heavy equipment while under the influence of Uni.

Nice photos… I’d be scared up there. Hehe… My [real] name is Jason too! :smiley:

In the true spirit of unoriginality, I too have included a link to a pic of me in a slightly weird place… reminds me of that “Weirdest place uni’ed” thread… << you’ll see it here

Not for the first time, I’m humbled by what I see/read in this forum. I’m lousy at heights (which is why I gave up rock climbing!) and could never do that.

Weirdest places I’ve ridden? Er…

I have ridden on the top of the keep of Warwick Castle, and I rode on the roof of the tower of a church near Bristol last year (behind a nice safe parapet).

Hmmm, weird places…

I don’t think I’ve ridden in many weird places. I went the wrong way round a roundabout once!

I’ve very briefly ridden in the main hall of the Tate Modern (big modern art gallery in London), down some easy little steps there . The security were damn quick to appear though.

Theres a picture in the gallery somewhere, under emu london pictures.


I’ve done depths not heights …
Clearwell Caves - Forest of Dean

  • after the public had gone home.

We never quite managed to bring it off for the British Muni Weekend.

I reckon we could have played 3 aside hockey in one of the wider caverns.

Leo White

P.S. I put a couple of indentations in my helmet.

I rode on the observation deck at the World Trade Center in 1986. I’ll have to scan in a picture of that sometime. Oddly, nobody seemed to care. We stayed in an area with hardly any people, and it was after sunset on a weeday I think.

my weirdest place was down a 50’ slide with about a 30 degree angle. boy, were my legs tired after that… but of course, i got off when i was 1/20th of the way down.

Don’t forget about the roof top trials done in the video mUNIac The Movie by Ben Turley. Ben Turley’s site and the video are at <>