Ronald McDonald Unicycle Statue in Youtube Video

So I was on youtube and saw a video that looked like it had a unicycle in it so I watched it and sure enough, there is a spot in it with a shot of a statue of Ronald McDonald riding a unicycle. This might be the first unicycle statue cause I haven’t heard of any others?!

I believe this is in Chicago somewhere at some McDonalds. The youtube video is called “The Chicago Day In Review - Hey There Delilah - Stop Motion” if for some reason the link doesn’t work. The statue is at 1:25 or so.

Here is a snapshot of the screen.

Ronald Unicycle Statue.doc (465 KB)

lol, thats prety neat

I don’t know that a statue of Ronald will do much for unicycling’s image, but it would be cool to see a video of someone unicycling around that statue.

Cool. Remember, Chicago is the home of Schwinn, who may have made the majority of unicycles used in America in the 60s and 70s. But from the glimpse I got, Ronald was not on a Schwinn frame…

I was just there last Tuesday, you should have told me then!:stuck_out_tongue:
But truthfully, it cost’s like six dollars just to get into the parking lot, so there is a slim chance of it happening soon, but I will be sure to make it happen this summer.:slight_smile:

I JUST saw this statue a couple days ago while I was in Chicago. I took a picture of me next to it when I post pictures I will post a reply with it. I noticed the statue from a mile away hah.

Are you looking for a new home?

Are you sure it wasnt a unicyclist pretending to be a statue? :slight_smile:

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Good eye, yes I am. Right now we have 7 dudes livin in a 2 bedroom apartment (plus 2 have girlfriends that sometimes stay over and we have lots of visitors that stay over-total of 11 people a few days ago!) and just signed a new lease for this house today! It’s going to be so much nicer!
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