Ronald McDonald on a unicycle

In Chicago…with me.

cool, cool, strange, cool

ok thats… odd

is it just me or does ronald look like doc oc?

That is beastly…where in chicago? thatd be an awesome pic w/ somebody on unicycle right near him

cool. I saw someone get ran over right in that intersection (if thats where I think it is)
too bad I wasn’t into uni at the time or I would have gotten a pic with ronald as well

ouch. but where is that in chicago!!! :thinking:

I’ve been at the blues club just down the street from there…
That’s the Rock 'n roll McDonalds…

Good to see the classic Amon pose :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW it’s really hard to ride a unicycle in clown shoes, especially if the seat is too low like that one is. :wink:

There was a Worth1000 or similar PS contest based on that statue. It was posted a while back; you could find it with a search, I imagine.