Rona/Canada day Trials Session

Helow Everyone, Since it was Canada day, Me and Jacob (jaco_flans) Took advantage of the face that they cant kick us out ( again ) and practised a couple trials lines.I would say about 80% raw footage, ill post all of the footy later, Bye.

On your Request zFreak220, Tiny dancer-Elton John
(sadly, we had to Cut it.)
Please Post Any Song that you want to hear.

Your Friends, TeamJWJ

Nice video and song choice! Where’d ya get all those pallets?:smiley:

Rona’s Stock Pallet’s :stuck_out_tongue: there was atleast 150 behind it, But they were stacked up about 15 feet(atleast) high so we used the ones that were stacked up about 4 feet high :smiley:

Ohh… you need to make a Gmail thing Terry, I have to send you something if I find it.

I enjoyed the music and the video.
For How long have you been riding?

I ( not in the vid) have been riding for 11 months.Jacob, 4 years, and seriously for the past 1 and 1/2

That music suggestion was kind of a joke, but you made a good video and people seem to like the music. Good job.

any other ridiculous song choice?

RAAW version: