Rollos help, please :)

I just got some rollos, and the screws are not quite the same. One of them appears to have an extra ‘nut’, or small flat disc, and one is just slightly longer than the other. Is this normal? Will get pics up soon.

should be fine :slight_smile: just screw them in, but not too tight! the inside bits can seperate pretty easily :smiley:

Yo, just a note.

When you are putting your rollos on, you should make sure your cranks are tight first (without the rollos).

The backs of the rollos can wear and fail, if you tighten to hard through the rollos.

This is especially important if your cranks are completely off and you are going to put both the cranks and rollos onto the hub.

  1. Tighten the crank on with the bolt, nice and tight.

  2. Take the bolt out of the crank.

  3. put the rollo on and snug the bolt back into place, without over tightening.

Should keep your parts in good condition, roll on my friend.