ok so… im a street rider and have 125 and 137mm kh crank, I just received my rollo disk “didnt buy for roll, just buy for stop hurt my foot landing in crank” so actually I use my 125 crank and my feet harass the rollodisk while rolling :stuck_out_tongue: so I think I just put my old 137mm crank, is there some people using 125 crank with roll disk, or everyone 137.

and do you guys think its easier to flip with 125 or 137?

I like RolloDisks with 137s more than 125s.

I can flip way easier with 137s, I can just get more torque.

Enjoy your RolloDisks, Mikael! :smiley:


if I say that I buyed rollodisk and its not for roll trick, does it seem stupid?? spencer said yes :frowning:

+1 for that, at least for me and Isaac. I have been testing both… It’s easier to roll with 125’s + rollos, but with 137’s I got a better looking flat. I researched A LOT, and until now: For really tech street, 125’s. Also for bigger people seems to be easier to ride it…

For small riders, like me and Isaac, it’s easier to flip with 137s… Don’t know why :o :thinking:

So there’ll be a video about 137 vs 125s!

my feet alway hit the rollodisk while im rolling, and im asking myself if 137 would tripleflip easier then I do with my 125

Maybe… big chances… but woud be harder for a Inward trey double I believe…

I have both and often switch between ;)… I would try then for a week… some riding hours… And you’ll quickly figure out what you like most!

Cranks are really personal! Chris, Pele and Luke (I think), are 125 addicteds and don’t think that worth riding anything then 125s… But great riders like Raphi (a while ago), and some others rides 137s… Also all Koxx riders uses 135s… Pretty the same to 137s!

My tip: Don’t listen to anyone while choosing it… Just ride with both :wink:

there is a quote of pele on msn:
The Wise Man of the Hill. dit :
135s k1 canks are only better because they are lighter and tubular
The Wise Man of the Hill. dit :
They would be better if they were the same except 125

Im going to switch for my 137 this afternoon to try.

I’m pretty sure Pele uses 137s.

Not completely sure though.


Nope. 125s ftw!

I think it may be easier to learn crankflips with 137s, and maybe (though i’m not sure) things are easier to land on 137s (but that’s only if you are used to them), but if you know anything about physics it’s quite obvious that 125s have the potential of flipping much faster (even when you assume exact same specifications otherwise, even weight, which in reality 137s weigh more).

Fast flips are much much easier with shorter cranks. However, the shorter the cranks, the less control you are likely to have. 125s seem like a good balance (My friend just got 110 moments, I’ll have to give those a try).

Not for me :p… It was hard to double flip with 125s… And I almost got a triple down a curb yesterday!

Perhaps it was just that you weren’t used to it?

Physically, things that are shorter can spin faster.

Mmm… I used 135’s for 7 months… And 125’s for 6… I was supposed to be used! I could easily trey, almost fifth, but could not get fast flips…

May my weight and size aren’t really good for 125s… On 137’s I kick to the side, and 125s down… I believe as I’m small I can’t really push the 125s… not sure if that makes sense :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: On 137 I can SNAP the cranks better than on 125s!

physically, a shorter lever means it’s harder to get the wheel spinning. Newtonian mechanics is of limited use here.

I got treflips with 137s, and not with 125s.

I way rather ride 137s, flip faster, better for trials, any they seem lighter.

I would love to have a 133mm 135mm crank.

But I love 137s!


I am with Pedro, fully, on this one. I can flip 137s better than 125s. Doubles were very very tough on 125s (for me), they took everything I had. On 137s you dont need to kick “downward” as much and you get a nice fast flip from a snappy outward kick, which by the way is more stylish, IMO.

125s however can be very smooth to ride with, you can stay at higher speed revs before and after tricks.

137 give you more torque on short approaches, say when you only have 1 rev before a 5 or 6 set.

Chris- you are using 125s now?

Back to topic-- Rollos if you are not going to be doing crank roll tricks, are prolly a bad idea. Saying they do not get in they way for street and trials, would be a lie… It is a compromise that most riders that ride both street and flat are willing to make, but if you do not ride flat there is no reason to have rollos on your cranks.

EDIT, oh yea, and my 137s are light as ****.

hmmmm, I hurt my feet landing on crank so I though with bigger crank it would stop, im going to try these for one or two weeks, if I dont like bah im going to keep if I want to learn roll later. but now I cant change my 125mm crank for 137 because I CANT FIND MY “$”$??? TOOL!! I feel stupid

Happen’s with me often too… I still believe that some elfs and Oompa Loompas always uses my tools and don’t uput in my bag again!

Also, if you’re more street rider than flat, and if you GRIND A LOT, I would take off the rollos… They are designed for flat, and you cna brake those while grinding!


you just gave a big argument there :stuck_out_tongue: grind is tattoed on my heart! I would like to be able to do roll shiitty trick but I suck at them :stuck_out_tongue: btw ive captured a oompa loompas too, I asked charlie to pay me a new uni to free him.