rollo disks

Im beggining to like flatland more than any other type of riding now and i was wondering if you guys think its worth it to buythem.

Ive heard they make learning easier because its easier to land on the cranks, so i was hoping they would be help to me.

If you think they help or they dont let me know.

  • matt

Rollos definitely help. They give you a lot more standing room on the cranks, making rolls far easier. They do take a little getting used to, but after that they are really nice.

They really help, I love them!


I don’t agree that they make rolls easier. They just prevent the foot from slipping away from the crank. I prefer the feeling or rolls without rollo disks, but with a KH frame and KH moments, there isn’t much space to put your foot on, and it,s pretty frustrating when you foot always slips because of that (varial roll/outsideroll variations). That’s just my opinion though.

Rollos are not made for landing on, they are made for having more standing room for roll tricks. Most people seem to prefer them over just the moment cranks for roll tricks, emile is the first person I have heard review them that way, but I prefer them.

One piece of advice, work on landing your tricks on the pedals, it makes you look more smooth, and you can roll out of tricks easier…

@emile just out of curiosity, for you do they effect your rolls at all(other than slipping) good or bad? I just wasn’t sure from your post if you meant they take away from your rolls or not…

I practice landing tricks on the pedals but after i learn to land them on cranks. that makes me feel more stable and used to the trick

Not really, they keep your foot in place at the beginning of the roll I would say, but during the roll not really. I only ride rollos on my KH flat, and I don’t do flips really on my kh flat, and I don’t have rollos on my trials.