rollo disks - get in the way?

how much do rollo disks get in the way for trials riding? im looking into learning flat stuff and am constantly falling off the cranks, but i can static wrap both ways :slight_smile: im mainly a trials rider and was just wondering how much they get in the way, and are they likely to be damaged by doing crank/pedal grabs?
thanks a bunch :slight_smile:
EDIT: my cranks are 125 by the way, if it matters
(thinking maybe should have got 137s but oh well)

i have some, and they dont really “get in the way” but you i knock my ankles on the sometimes for trials.

but, they only take about a minute to take off so you can switch when you wanna ride trials and when you want to ride flatland

thanks mate :slight_smile:

I just took mine off because i was getting scabs over my ankles from hitting them off the rollos when i jumped stair but thats not trials. As long as your not doing much rolling stuff you should be fine.

I use them for trials on 125mm cranks and they dont get in the way. they also have more room if your doing crank grabs alot is well i have my set on all the time.


Although I’ve gotten used to them. (I lost my allen key so I can’t take them off haha)

Trials and flat are pretty diffrent. Can’t imagine you wanting to ride both at the same time. Rollos are really easy to put on and off for when you want.

I have ankle protectors :smiley:

if you are falling off the cranks grip tape might help if you don’t have it already. The rollos don’t seem to get in my way either.