rollo disks for koxx?

is it possible for rollo disks to be fitted on koxx cranks? or is there any other options i could use to help keep my feet on the cranks?



Is it worth tryin grip tape?

No, Rollo Disks are specifically fitted to kh moment cranks.

Yes. Grip tape is a great helper for flatland, because it helps your feet stay on the cranks (less slippage).

but it´s not good for your shoes

I’m pretty sure that moments fit the cranks that is on stock devils. I and UniPsyco tried it some time ago.

No on the rollos, yes on grip tape. Grip taped 135s are amazing, I have 2 pairs.

Damn, I meant rollos, not moments. :stuck_out_tongue:

You wouldn’t want rollos on koxx trials cranks though because the cranks are straight so they would hit your ankles all the time.
Moments have a 10mm offset and the rollos are 10mm wide so it doesn’t stick out any more than the end of the pedal does.

I know, that is why we took them off again. :slight_smile:

ah cheers guys thanks for ur help!

ive now got grip tape on and its brilliant.