Rolling Wraps

I’m currently on to rolling wraps. I can do the first part fine. The second part, though is bugging me. Are you suppose to kick the tire AGAIN as you bring your other foot around? When I watch videos, no one seems to kick the tire again, they just roll. But if I don’t kick it again I just remain stationary. Is there a knack to this that I just don’t seem to get?

what you see is what it is. You just need to slightly push your body weight forward. Eventually, with PRACTISE, you will be able to get the second part wit ease. Take a look at this tutorial:

I’m still not super consistent but I’ve gotten a lot better by getting the hand-off/ foot switchery really smooth as to avoid stopping the wheel as much as possible. It just takes time (like most things in unicycling) and progress happens in small increments. Maybe practicing on a gentle slope will make it easier for now. My driveway has a bit of slope and that helped me.
Here’s a video of one of my smoothest:

(sorry about the bad quality)

Btw another thing I just remembered is using stiffer shoes. My feet have high arches so shoes with really flexible soles, like Vans for example, don’t roll against the cranks very well. I use Adidas Cieros, and a lot of other people like nike 6.0s.

Here’s a picture of what my vans looked like after spending a few hours trying to do rolling wraps:

Yeah, thanks. I’ll try it on a downhill. Hopefully that will make it better. My shoes are getting pretty bashed up, too.

You have to make sure that when you do it, you concentrate A LOT on passing the handle between your hands.
That, and get the middle of your foot on the crank after the first push.

And… Practice :roll_eyes:

first post i’ve seen you do in a while.

Hey guys, just to say thanks. I managed to land my first rolling wrap this evening. The first of many…I hope.

hey guys, i happened to notice this thread and im having trouble too

i can roll forward on the right crank just fine, plant my foot on the left crank, switch hands, but the problem is, my shoe no matter how hard i try gets pinched in between the frame and the crank and i flop over


That happened to me at first as well. You just have to make sure your foot is straight. i.e not turning slightly inwards or outwards from the wheel. Oh, and you should land on the crank with the middle of your foot. I like having the arch of my foot on the nub. I’m not too good at it yet but just make sure you practise A LOT! That is how I managed to get it.

mmk thanks =]
ive been going at it for 3 days now
hopefully ill land it soon