rolling wrap/seat wrap help

hey guys i was wondering if anyone could help me out.
during seat wraps and rolling wraps i cant seem to do the second half of the wrap. when i go for it i pull the seat forward and my leg back but then i just fall forward cuz the uni rolls backwards.

(i can do a crankroll, double leg wrap, and i can transfer the seat in my hands just fine)

Practise doing leg wraps with your back leg. Once you are really confident with that practise doing the seat wrap but after the first wrap stop and hop with the seat behind you. Then when you have regained your balance do the second part of the wrap. This should hopefully be easier and once you get good at it you will be able to move onto the full seat wrap more easily.

You could also try to lean back more or practise on a slope so that the wheel doesn’t roll back as easily.

the double leg wrap is with my back leg and after the the first part of the seat wrap i find its easier to do a stall for a few seconds rather than hop. balance is not the problem, balance is good until the wheel starts rolling at the beginning of of the second part of the seat wrap