rolling wrap problem.

every time i do a rolling wrap the tire rub against my leg (and that hurts) how do i fix this problem.

PS: i am new to the forum.

i had the same problem you could do tape around the part of the leg that hurts or it could be that the uni ist not far enough away from your body

the same thing is happening to me whenever I do any flat, my legs bleed. I either have to wear shinguards whenever I ride or I might shave my tire

I had the same problem and It really hurts !! :stuck_out_tongue:
but just where chinguards and watch out for your leg=> keep your uni straight… :roll_eyes:

I never had that problem but this works. Before you kick the tire make sure the uni is perpendicular to the ground (it can be hard at first but it shouldn’t hurt your legs).

wear pants

or “chin” guards :sunglasses:

Welcome on hope you had fun;)

not everyone has english as their first language…