Rolling Trials Competition this Summer...

With the 1st Annual HCR Invitational Rolling Trials having been a success and everyone having had an amazing time, I would like to organize another Rolling Trials competition this Summer… this time at a skatepark. I really like the ESPN X-Games skatepark in Philly (I’d love to see some other riders give Frank, AKA hell-on-wheel, a run for his money on that transition over the spine of the back-to-back half-pipes, which can be seen in his movie) but there are plenty of other parks to choose from, including several cool places on Long Island and in New Jersey.

The other good thing about the ESPN X-Games skatepark is that it could put the sport under the radar of the ESPN X-Games executives… but we could always hold a competition there some time in the future.

I’d like to get an idea of how many people would be interested in participating in a Rolling Trials skatepark competition, what unicycle class/classes you’re interested in competing in (24”/26”, 28”/29”, 36”, or Unlimited), where you live, and you’re general availability or a date you think would be good. If there is a lot of interest from riders hailing from various parts of the country, perhaps multiple competitions can be held to accommodate everyone.

The current point standings are:

24”/26” Class:
Frank (hell-on-wheel): 3 points for 1st place
Wolfgang Hennerbichler (Wogri): 2 points for 2nd place
Bill Hamilton (billham) 1 point for 3rd place

36” Class:
Nick Vadala (digitalattrition): 3 points for 1st place
Tim Braun (Tim): 2 points for 2nd place
Brian MacKenzie (taken out early due to injury): 1 point for 3rd place

Anyway, please reply to this thread if you have any interest. Thanks…
Andrew (HCR)

id be down for 29er class, and if someone would let me borrow a coker i would love to try one out at a skatepark.

I vote for somewhere near the tristate area (ny/pa/nj), so I can make a weekend out of it and go to my lakehouse. If not, then philly would be cool because its only about 2.5 hours away from me.

I’m up for going back to Philly, or trying out a new place. August would be best for me. I’ve got a full-time internship and summer classes in June/July.

mid-late august would be best for me, but put me down for maybe

I’d be up for it. July is a bad month for me, but besides then, I’d like to go.

I’m game.

Seems like August is the best month! We can hold it at an indoor park or an outdoor park. There’s a 30,000 sq. ft. park upstate NY that is supposed to be pretty good, so that’s probably another option… if we want to have it indoors (in which case weather won’t be a factor).

The name of the indoor park located in Johnson City, NY is East Coast Terminal and their website is:

It turns out that there are MANY parks in the tristate area… so we’ll have a good selection to choose from. Indoors may be the way to go in order to avoid a cancellation due to rain.

I’ll have an extra Coker available for whoever wants to use it. There’s no rule against sharing a uni for the competition, so more than one person can compete on it, if necessary.

Any 24" riders that enjoy riding at skateparks should definitely consider participating in this competition… you’ll have an amazing time! So if you’ve “dropped in” at your local skatepark, be sure to come on down and compete in the first skatepark Rolling Trials competition!

Hey what about Ben Plotkin-Swing… I know you’ve dropped in plenty of times and you’re not too far away, either… right? Any interest in participating?

I can’t make it, but I was wondering, does anyone have any videos of rolling trials? I still don’t exactly understand what it is…

I think Moab would be a great place to have a RTC,evantaully. Esp. the slickrock trail.There was TONS of steep,techical hills to ride up and down,wich I was having a blast riding(I later realized why everyone else walked them,they were saving energy for the rest of the day…)some wich i couldnt quite make on my 24".

There was one coker rider there this year,but he only did bits of the practice loop on it,he did the rest on a smaller one i think.

Yes,id like to see one,too.

There are some pictures of the first competition in the SWAT gallery. They are in the TWNR release party section.

I don’t know if I will be able to do it. I probably will though.

Unfortunately, no Rolling Trials videos are online yet… but there are some videos online that basically demonstrate Rolling Trials.

Rolling Trials is essentially riding your unicycle over an obstacle without hopping.

Your wheel is only allowed to get airborne as a result of a jump or drop-off or other such terrain which causes the unicycle to gain air from its own momentum. Rolling Trials typically takes place on MTB type terrain (man-made or natural) and includes obstacles such as teeter-totters, skinnies, bridges, swing bridges, berms, drop-offs, rock gardens, log piles, etc. OR takes place in a skatepark.

For a competition there are classes: 24”/26”, 28”/29”, 36”, and Unlimited (any combination of wheel sizes that you want to use).

When competing, you have to roll from the starting line to the finish line (along the specified course), without hopping (or falling off, obviously), in order to earn a point.

The rules are almost identical to Kris Holm’s rules for Trials. The only real difference is that in Rolling Trials a hop = a dab… and there are different wheel size classes in Rolling Trials competitions as mentioned above.

Wogri had a hell of a time trying to clean one particular line at the 1st Rolling Trials competition without hopping. He made it within inches of the finish line several times, but then hopped across… so he didn’t earn the point. He finally cleaned the Section by rolling from start to finish without any hops and earned the point. He was psyched to have finally nailed that one!

Frank (hell-on-wheel) demonstrates a nice skatepark Rolling Trials Line in his video: philly_skate_park_hits_finished.wmv. He drops in and rides over the spine of two back-to-back halfpipes. In a competition, he would have had to ridden up on to the ledge of the second half-pipe, and then completed another revolution or so on top of the ledge to cross the finish line… but Frank’s succesfully riding over the ledge was pretty awesome even without riding up on to the second ledge. You can download his video here:

The part I’m talking about is at: 1:56 (1 minute, 56 seconds into the movie)

For more information on Rolling Trials (including examples of Rolling Trials lines at skateparks), check out this thread:

Rolling Trials

For more information on MTB type Rolling Trials sections, check out this thread:

Rolling Trials Sections @ Rays…

If you want to see some examples of MTB-type Rolling Trials sections, check out the second half of my movie, which you can download here:

HCR’s Skatepark/Rays Video is Online!

I hope I’ve helped you understand what Rolling Trials is… or at least pointed you to the proper threads that will explain it.

To be more accurate:

Rolling Trials is essentially riding your unicycle over an obstacle, or several consecutive obstacles, without hopping.

Although I dont have a big wheel uni, I’d be up for comming to any event on the east coast. While it may not be rolling trials I’d deffenatlly come to watch and ride some street.

Despite our differences of opinion (or perhaps inability to communicate effectively on the forum) regarding how to handle the Chelsea Piers skatepark situation, I would certainly be delighted to meet you at an event.

Rolling Trials is not limited to big wheel uni’s… the 24” guys had an awesome time at the 1st Rolling Trials competition. You could compete in the 24”/26” class, if you were so inclined.

As the attendees at the first event will tell you… at this point in the development of the sport (I hope it stays that way), the competition is all about having fun. It doesn’t matter if you come in first place or last, if it’s your first time riding skatepark terrain or if you’re a skatepark veteran… everyone has a good time encouraging each other “to go for it” and we all enjoy watching others nail lines they didn’t think they could clean.

I had an AMAZING time just watching the 24” guys at the first competition… I think everyone who participated cleaned Sections that they didn’t think they could do and progressed as riders.

Even if you don’t want to compete, but just want to come check out the event and do some riding… that would be great, too. Hope to see you there…

I’ve been planning on going up to Philly for a week this summer, just as an east coast unicycle visit. Try and get some dates planned soon, and I’ll definetly try to be there for it.

That would be awesome!

I’ve been trying to get in touch with the top management guy (that I need to speak to re/the competition) for a few days at the ESPN X Games park, but we’ve been playing phone tag. I’m sure I’ll reach him this week and then I’ll know more details so that we can plan the exact date, but it doesn’t hurt to start throwing some possible dates out there to see what seems to work best…

how about:

Saturday, August 20th


Saturday, August 27th