Rolling pre-hops?

Anyone one else do these or am I the only one? I CAN rolling hop but they’re really short. When trying to do a stair set or something like that I always get a small hop in right before that so I can hop the stair set. Most I’ve done so far is 6.

I have my seat post height pretty high (a tad lower than freestyle) for SIF hopping. If I were to cut the seat post to street height, would it affect my SIF jumping but improve my rolling hops?

Also, since I don’t like making 70 threads in a row, how tight should my wheel be? when I roll it off the ground and push as hard as I can (so the wheel is spinning while I’m holding it) it spins 21/2 revolutions-3 revolutions, is that too tight? (I thought that if the wheel doesn’t spin as much, that it would be more ideal for trials riding)

I’ve seen videos of people doing pre-hops before they do a rolling hop. Its a sketchy style, but if you can do better rolling hops like that, it doesn’t matter. As for your seat post height I think rolling hops would be easier with a lower seatpost. Its just like seat in trials you have more room between you and the seat to suck the uni up under you. However if you do cut the seat down it could affect your sif hops. You might not be used to crouching down so much. I learned how to hop sif with a low seat that way I can switch between rolling hops and sif jumping without changing the seatpost. Hope that helps.

i have done them a lot, and for a while it felt like the best way to get a boost, but now i find that the tire can’t grip at a certain point and it becomes limited not by skill but by equipment, which annoys me a lot. it is a very jerky style at first, but it can be made smooth.

Yunisyco does some pretty cool prehops in his bay sessions vid. They were more like adjustment hops for position before doing his rolling hops. The cool thing about his were they didn’t interupt his flow. best example of rolling pre hops I’ve seen.

when i do them now (rarely) i find it much easier to spin the wheel backwards a little while in the air, and push up, forward, and through the hop. it makes it smoothER

when i rolling hop i like go at an angle then jump at an angle so its like a side hop with a rolling hop.

I find prehopping makes it easier to rolling hop off smaller sets when there is less of a lead up, but it limits your rolling hop on larger sets because it slows you down so I try to avoid them.

Thanks guys, I think I’m gonna cut down my post a little and see how that works out.

Any ideas if whether or not I should let my wheel spin a bit more freely or not?

you definitely need to make your wheel looser if you want your bearings to last any time at all. the tighter wheel makes no difference for trials really…

I do that to, but I don’t see it done in videos as far as I know, or maybe it just isn’t very noticeable.

I find if I try to jump straight forwards I can’t stretch out as much to get any distance, but at an angle I can pull the uni as far as possible - strange.

ill make a video soon but i can’t now for two reasons
1 i rebroke one of my unicycles
2 it’s raining

six stairs or six inches? i wanna see the six stair video

It’s already been said here but I’d like to put in my perspective.

If you’re doing a pre-hop, what are you getting out of it? To me it seems like you’re turning a rolling hop into a static forward hop.

The “rolling” part of a rolling hop is done to give you forward momentum, and you’re killing that momentum by putting a pre-hop in.

Perhaps the OP needs to take a step back and work on his/her static hops, trying to eliminate pre-hops. Focus on “loading” the tire by pushing down as hard as you can before hopping… you get all the benefits of a pre-hop without the extra hop.

Once your static hops are improved, carry that skill into your rolling hop. Load your tire just before you take off, and you’ll still have all that forward momentum.

I do them sometimes in street or trials riding, when I am going to jump something, but I am a little bit behind where I want to jump at, so I do a little prehop forwards and then jump.

I used to do it all the time with muni, and sometimes do it now if there is a log I cant get over easily, but now I just rollover the drops and whatever is n the trail.

Its a good thing to be able to do, cause it will come in handy with a lot of things, but you should measure better so you will be perfectly aligned with the stairs. In muni its a bit harder to measure, but if you are jumping a stairset, you can easily find the right point to start at.

You can try to ‘rev’ you wheel as you take off, I haven’t perfected this but you could give it a go.

Well, it’s kind of like a mini rolling hop. So whenever I get to the edge of whatever I’m jumping, I still have some form of momentum, reduced amount, but there’s still a good deal of force there.

Isn’t the wheel stiffer making staying in place easier?