Rolling no footers help.

When i do a rolling no footer how do i stop the wheel turning in the air? Any other tips for this trick would be good.

I need tips too! :roll_eyes:

Do not ride to fast, obviously if you do you will end up flipping. Put more weight on the back foot and push down on the seat. I assume you can do them stationary? I learnt them rolling so I may be no help to you.


Yeh i would be interested how people do sets , i can do them static and rolling but not very fast - not fast enough for a set anyway hmm come on xav, kevin mc we want some tips lol

I have never seen any one (that I can recall) doing them down sets. I have tried them off curbs but they are really hard. you cant get any distance on them, you cacn do one-footers off sets though.


Ever tried combining one with a tire-grab? :stuck_out_tongue:

Xavier Collos holds the tire still while clearing stairs in his vener video with a rolling no-footer

I just learned how to do these a couple weeks ago. Practice one-footers kicking your foot far off to the side. Make sure no weight is on the unicycle and jump high. It helped me to think of no-footers as doing a one-footer and taking the other foot off late; then smooth it out later.

This stuff may not work for you, but it helped me.

Oh, and Tassilo, Xav Collos did one of those in Vener off a 3 stair (I think)

[Edit]: previous stament already said.

actuyally when i try to flip sometimes if i go fast and push hard the cranks actually dont move ANYWHERE in the air.(i know, theres a problem with that, but whatever)

For me, no footers were just something I got with practise. Break it down, do it static, then rolling and then, as I’ve got now, try 180s and fakie 180s.
I find that breaking down skills can really help you understand them better and ultimately, learn them more easily.

Hope this has been some help,


P.S. an example of a killer no footer can been seen in my latest vid, check it out,

how do i stop the wheel turning in the air?


that heppens evey time i try to do a crank flip…

I can do them going very fast, in fact no footer is my favorite trick (that I can land). the trick is ot not jump but to only suck your legs in or take them off side way. So do not put presure on your pedals make sure that you’re pedals are in a 90 degree angle then sortof stop in a harsh hit (flex your legs) and as you are stoping bring your legs in. You can also do it going very slow like it’s been said before but you will have a problem when you go on bigger then just a curb or even when you try to bring it into a grind. Hope that helps… max

I need help with these too, I’m trying to do no footers on flat but still moving forwards so I can try it off a drop, but every time I do, the pedals keep going forwards…sometimes I do kind of a half crankflip.
So how do you keep the wheel from spinning?

I can no footer really high, but cannot get distance on them.
I cannot one foot though, ive never really tried, and do not understand how you are supposed to tips? :thinking:

getting them rolling is just like getting rolling uni-spins. come up to the trick and go into an ultra-short standstill, then pop your trick. it’s real tough to keep the wheel from spinning. try not jumping very high at first and then gradually working up height. also, kick your feet out to the sides. think how Xav does them.

as for sets and drops… those just come with time. practice off of curbs first and then go bigger.
there are some no-footer pics in my gallery. here and there’s one here.
i also have a two no-footer drop clips here.
they’re really sucky though. i was pulling my feet up instead of kicking them out…

do them a little bit late.