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In a recent thread JF stated regarding mounting a Coker:

Good advice, I ususally mount that way on the Coker and our TUF 40" wheel.

The USA competition rules state:

In the recent What mount do you use most often? thread, 14% polled they use the rolling mount most often. I have a feeling most of those meant the mount described above by JF. In true USA rolling mount the wheel never stops, it takes a bit to learn and master. My daughter can do it frequently, I can only hit it infrequently.

Right or wrong; I’ve always considered the static mount as starting with the wheel static too, pedals usually horizontal, hop up on to the uni, hit the forward pedal and start riding.

JF is correct above that the mount he describes is a static mount but is there a better or proper name for it?

Moving Mount? Modified Rolling Mount? Momentum Mount? Moving Static Mount?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Yeah, that’s how I teach beginners to mount their unis most often and I’ve found it’s the easiest way to mount a Coker. I’ve also wondered what other people are calling it. Usually I’ll just call it a Static Mount and then explain the details later, but I would like to be able to give it it’s own unique name.


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The wheel stops moving forward because of the weight placed
on the rear pedal by your foot as you jump up. Is the secret of keeping the wheel moving through this mount just a matter of placing as little weight as possible on this pedal? Seems to me that you need a considerable jump to start with to avoid placing this wheel-stopping weight. Is this indeed the case? Do I need
a big starting jump in order to get this mount to work?

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On Sun, 21 Nov 2004 18:42:14 -0600, “UniBrier” wrote:

>is there a better or proper name for it?
Good (point and) question. How about rolling static mount. I like
momentum mount too but the normal static mount combined with some
initial forward push relies on momentum as well so the name is not
uniquely identifying. Maybe ‘momentum mount’ could be a generic name
for all mounts that rely on momentum to get on? So a rolling static
mount would be a form of momentum mount.

>Inquiring minds want to know.
This seems to defeat inquiry, because inquiries in my mind are about

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Assuming we are still talking Cokers here, I’d say no, you want the wheel to stop. This makes it much easier to get on, giving you more time to make sure your feet are where you want them before you start pedaling.

As for the description of Rolling Mount in the Standard Skills List, I just don’t agree with it. I believe a rolling mount should have continuous forward motion, but that does not mean the wheel can’t stop briefly while the rider continues to go forward. You start with a wheel and rider in separate places. You finish with the rider “catching up” to the wheel, and continuing. So why can’t the wheel stop for the rider to catch up? The forward motion never stops.

So my solution would be to modify (or correct) the Standard Skill definition. Until then, when doing a rolling mount in a Standard Skill performance, it is a slight bit harder than what I originally described, because you can’t let the wheel stop.

The thing about the continuous-motion definition is that it provides consistency with a 1-foot rolling mount, which by nature requires the wheel to keep moving.

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So we’re safe refering to our “rolling static mounts” as a generic “rolling mount” (Unless you’re doing USA Standard Skill)?

That joke may not have translated well. “Enquiring Minds Want To Know” is the slogan for the National Enquirer . A high quality news magazine indeed.

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“UniBrier” <UniBrier@NoEmail.Message.Poster.at.Unicyclist.com> writes:

> So we’re safe refering to our “rolling static mounts” as a generic
> “rolling mount” (Unless you’re doing USA Standard Skill)?

To me the difference between a rolling mount and a standard mount is
that you are moving pretty fast when you hit a rolling mount. In
other words, there is no pause at the top of a rolling mount before
moving onward. If your “rolling static mount” is just pushing the uni
forward a tad before stepping up, then it is a standard mount in my