Rolling hops

No this isn’t another one of those ‘how do you rolling hop?’ threads, it is just for me to bring to your attention, i learnt!!

My cranks are rather bent and one is prone to falling off once or so a ride, yet yesterday i was determined. I can now rolling hop down a five set and up a three set.

I also managed to jump two skate boards stacked up on eachother, which was about 45cm high. It was unusual to meet some nice skateboarders, those guys where great and they could actuall skate and weren’t just sitting around smoking.

anyone else trying to get rolling hops, just go out and practice, i did not use any tutorials and went to no one for help, just developed my own way. Start with the street curb, seeing how far you can get.

Start doing them backwards now! lol

Actually, dropping off things backwards, or riding down stairs backwards is really fun. =p

Congrats on learning! :smiley:

Good job mate, most tutorials are made by people who get bored or have a lack of attention and don’t actually teach you much. So go out there and ride is the best advice someone can give :wink: Time for a splined uni perhaps? :smiley:

agreed :slight_smile:

haha, but really, IMO it is much better to learn tricks on your own. you are much more confident in what you are doing if you just go for it. and maybe video so that you can see what you are doing wrong.

Tis on its way, KH 07 street/trials, should be here next week. oh you will no when it comes!

Thanks for the congratulations guys. If i ever get hold of a video camera i shall make myself a movie :slight_smile: