rolling hops

I can hop side to side ontop of objects pretty well, but i noticed in most of the videos, the unicyclists are hopping forward while pedaling and such. how is this possible!?!?! i can do like, 4 inch curbs that way, but not straight out of pedaling. tips?

uhh well the search bar makes this trick a little easier:p but to do it you peddal at the object and when your cranks are horizontal pop up and hop. It helps if you sort of tweak your uni out front, it also looks cooler. just keep practicing on curbs till you get the timing down. I find it better to hop too soon than too late. I hope this helps.

check here and here

You can’t click 'em both… only got one mouse :angry:

guys come on. hey francis, those are called rolling hops. They are useful and can get more height SOMETIMES. In saying this the record for hop hight is set by a stationary side hop. For tips look up on the search button (what the second link of what james said) and put in something like ‘rolling hops’ or ‘rolling hop tips’. Also check www.unicycletips .com.

Hope this helps


Good one Dustin.:smiley:

I tend to practice rollinghops on flat ground on easy parts of a muniride :slight_smile:

Great practice! :wink:

Its so easy to do it in the snow =p

Then after you hop you can look back and see the distance you covered, thats when i first noticed i was jumping about 2 feet lol

thanks, ill do the search thing. im sorry to bother you but, if you dont want to read noobies questions and / or respond to them, you dont have too, ya know, so dont act like I am wasting your time. :stuck_out_tongue: (not that im offended or mad or anything, just, its a unicycle forum) haha

by the way, just so everyone knows, “francis” is the name of my torker lx unicycle, not me, my name is Jake. lol.

whoa, thats exactly how i measure my hops i jump over snowmobile tracks.

oh, you’re not bothering me at all, I just thought I’d mention how amazingly useful the search function can be (:

by the way, just so everyone knows, “francis” is the name of my torker lx unicycle, not me, my name is Jake. lol.

hi jake!!

I have just learned to do a rolling hop. I found what worked for me was to pick a curb (find one with rounded edges), and attack it over and over again. Within a couple dozen attempts, I started actually hopping rather than rolling over the curb. A couple days of practice, and now I can hop full height curbs, and it feels natural to do so. Good luck.

A rolling hop is basically the same as a static, only instead of stopping, then hopping, you go straight into the hop. I found it helped to learn to hop statically without setup hops first, then all you do is shorten the time from stopping to hopping untill it is one continuous motion.