rolling hop

so true, the added speed and leverage/ torque are so usefull.

Edit: this was the drop which I busted my rim doing.


You do 24" TRIALS?

-1 +1 :smiley:

ya i don’t have ready access to such big bufflaoes

excuses, excuses :roll_eyes:

My thoughts exactly.

Wouldn’t it be much more impressive if he rolling hopped a bufallo in spite of the fact that he didn’t have one?

Yeah it would

No, i do 20" trials, but ride a 24" as well.

Is it possible to have a 36" Trials?? :smiley:

use the 24" for trials, it’ll be better

If anybody is willing to donate i’ll try! :stuck_out_tongue:

:smiley: :smiley:

Jumping over buffalo’s eh?

sounds fun!

except i just broke my seatpost :frowning:

so i cant



So ride it like a UW. :smiley:

yeh i have been lol

but its gona be pretty hard to jump over a buffalo with it


You can’t really know unless you try, can you?

good point, well if i happen to see a buffalo before my new seatpost comes, i shall try!

or if i happen to find a “stuffed buffalo” lol

Try looking under your bed. You’re bound to find a couple there.

yeh, thats a good place to find buffalos

hmm, or i could just use an imaginary buffalo, that would be more fun