rolling hop

i jsut hop over a buffalo ontop of a shoe box


what do u mean
i rolling hopped over a bison that was on a shoe box

Was the buffalo going to kick you?:slight_smile:

no its a stuffed buffalo

what do you mean? “I jumped over a buffalo on a shoebox” isn’t the most descriptive sentence i have ever read.

like someone shot a buffalo and stuffed it, so you hopped over it?

i rolling hopped over a buffloe the buffloe was on a shoe box

no like a stuffed animal buffloe like a toy its like 15 inches tall

how big is this toy?

15 inches


Then it’s not really a stuffed buffalo, is it?

The next thing you that shoe box will turn out to be a tin of marmelade.

ha! look at the size of the buffalo thejdw Rolling hopped! kicks your buffalo’s ass!!!:smiley:

ya there called stuffed animals

ya but my buffalo is a university of colorado buffalo

Stuffed animal is something that you shoot, take the skin off of, dry the skin and fill it with sawdust. That’s a stuffed animal.

I hope there isn’t some sort of second definition to the term.

I need to find the pic of the actual hop

Found it:

But this was on a good day. Skianduniaddic’s hop is probebly slightly higer than my average.

Man, you can rolling hop anything on a 24".