rolling hop

i jsut did a 43inch rolling hop
my best ever and i only started trying to rolling hop today

cool but bit random and a waste of time posing it.but as i said well done

sence when is it a waste of time to tell other people what u have accomplised

yeah dawg don’t be hatin’

Way to go skianduniaddict!

Haha, you guys don’t actually believe him, do you?

Yeah that is like over 3ft on the first try I am not buying that.

no ive been doing it all day

He means distance, not height.

ya u paranoid jerks

Good effort.

If it were up, thats insane and I know you aren’t going that high. If its long, thats def not worth posting.

43 inches = 3ft 7in. No offense and good job, but not something worthy of a post in RSU.

I wanted to show this off outside of MR for a long time and this seems like a good place: I can hop 2.4m pretty solid now. My next target is 2.8m.

:astonished: nice. That’s almost 8ft. I can side hop gap 6 and half seat in. I can only do around 5ft rolling.

Any tips?

6 and a half feet is about 1.8m, isn’t it?
I can do about 1.6m seat out. I could do more, probably, but my tyre keeps folding, I even pinched a tube before.

For tips: try watching Skrobo’s rolling hop tutorial.
My tips: Practice at a moderate speed, when approaching the take-off spot - fold, when jumping unfold really fast, kind of snap. Fold again in the air to keep to keep the wheel off the ground for as long as possible, land. Increase the speed gradually.

“i only started trying to rolling hop today”

Me too.

After reading your post actually.

Not much over 30cm/12inches for me though.

6.5ft is 2.0m. I am going to practice roiling gaps today.
Thanks for em tips. I think I come too slow, and that’s why I haven’t improved much.

Wow, 2m is really good.

Good luck with your rolling hop.


What I find helpful for my rolling hops is this:

Roll towards gap at moderate pace (not at all fast)
On last half revolution increase speed slightly and lean forward
At hopping position snap the wheel up infront of you. Bend your torso as far forward as possible and kick the wheel infront of you. Throw your free arm forwards
Then land.

So in the air your body and uni should form a shape like this : <

or this (red is the person, black is the uni)

rollhop.bmp (163 KB)

2.8m is where it seems that you can’t jump any farther, but I hit a hop that was somewhere REALLLY close to 3m the other day.
sorrry, i just had to get that out, i didn’t think i would get any better at them.